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Lucerne Hay for Dairy Cattle

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High quality lucerne hay is a simple way to achieve higher milk yields.

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Lucerne Hay for Dairy Cattle

Use Fodder King High Quality Lucerne Hay.In AUSTRALIA (1994/5) the average milk production per cow for the year was 4481 litres in stark contrast the USA average in 1994 was 7101 litres and Japan was 6541 litres of milk per cow for the year..... Why?

One thing that stands out is that the American and Japanese herds consume a lot more lucerne hay.

High quality lucerne hay is a simple way to achieve higher milk yields.

Feed Value Variation

  • Variations in the nutritional value of feeds result in unpredictable milk yields and milk quality.
  • Fodder King produces and sells to a strict product grading system so that dairy farmers can reliably order the level of nutrition they need.

Nutritional Density

  • To achieve high milk production use a feed which is low in moisture content and high in nutritional value. That is what we mean by "nutritional density".
  • Cows can only eat a limited volume of feed. If most of that feed is water, milk production will never reach the very high levels achieved by the very best dairy farmers.
  • Diets comprising of at least 50% high quality lucerne hay provide the launching pad to achieve milk yields of 7000 - 10 000 litres per cow per annum.

Cash Flow and Risk

  • Running a large dairy herd isn't just about production efficiency. You also have to manage your cash flow and risk.
  • When you buy your hay from Fodder King you know exactly what you are getting, unlike other unbranded hay.
  • Using our forward purchasing deals you can lock in the quality level you want for the quantity you need for the whole year! You can even fix the price, if you wish.
  • The best part about it is that you only have to pay when you have received your hay. This avoids the unnecessary sunk cost and risk associated with producing silage or pasture - which only have low nutritional density anyway.

High quality hay, the simple, safe, sure way to higher productivity

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