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M.I. Power & Electronics – Non-Flameproof Products - Substations

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The M.I. Power Non-Flameproof Substation is available in various combinations with input voltage variable depending on the requirements.

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The Substation can be configured to suit any situation. The basic M.I. Power Substation allows for a High voltage compartment, transformer and a Low/Medium voltage compartment.

High Voltage – Constructed from 3mm sheet steel being fully folded and welded to a proven IP55 Design. Provision is made for explosion pressure relief. Touch potentials are maintained via separate compartments for operating and metering voltages.

Transformer – Transformers may be gas, liquid filled or dry type, ranging from 50kVA to 3MVA in various combinations of primary and secondary voltages depending upon customer specific requirements.

Low Voltage – This end is also fabricated from 3mm sheet steel fully folded and welded to a proven IP55 Design. The construction of this end depends entirely on the customer’s requirements including any height or width restrictions.

Normally earth fault limitations is provided on the star point of all secondary windings, with earth leakage tripping provided back to the H/T circuit breaker.

Each outlet can be protected by moulded case circuit breakers, fuses and contactors, earth leakage protection, cable fault lockout protection, earth continuity, loss of vacuum, frozen contactor, overload, short circuit etc.

Skid Base – The skid bases by default are constructed to a very robust and proven design so that they are capable of being towed or pushed into position in very adverse conditions.

The base is usually hot dipped galvanized and can be provided with. Towing bollards, floating axles, removable rubber wheels & fully plated bases to provide catchments of transformer oil.

Testing of Non-Flameproof Products - Substations

Each Substation passes thorough inspection and test procedures to ensure compliance with Australian Standards and the Mines Department Approval documentation.

A full electrical operational test is performed to ensure reliable operation and thus compliance with all the relevant Electrical Standards.

The customer is supplied with Approval Documentation, copies of the electrical test reports and schematic drawings and any Approvals for the associated equipment.

As by the brief description, the substations are basically custom manufactured and designed to your requirements, and we are prepared to offer any help to assist in preparing specifications etc.