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M1 Labour Management Module

Supplier: ECi Software Solutions

M1 Labor Management provides an efficient method of collecting and controlling all labor records.

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M1 Labor Management is a fundamental module used to collect and control your employees’ labor hours.  Direct or indirect, including administration hours can all be captured through timecard entry or shop floor entry.  Integrated with the M1 payroll module, the data from Shop Floor Entry or Time Card entry will be transferred into M1 Payroll for payroll processing.
Shift Maintenance of M1 Labour Management Module:
Define each of your shifts with start and end times, grace periods, and payroll information for more accurate labor collection and reporting.
Employee Information of M1 Labour Management Module:
Record critical information relating to each employee through their master file record and memos feature.
Timecard Entry of M1 Labour Management Module:
Manually enter the employee time cards, or adjust entries created through Shop Floor Entry.  All related jobs are immediately updated for accurate reporting.

Shop Floor Entry of M1 Labour Management Module:
Times collected through Shop Floor Entry are editable in Labor management.  Eliminates the need for manual time cards, therefore reducing data entry errors.

Payroll Integration of M1 Labour Management Module:
Integrates with M1’s payroll module for a complete payroll function.
Auditability of M1 Labour Management Module:
Ensure all collected labor entries are correct prior to processing your payroll. 

Who’s Clocked In
This standard search  provides an efficient employee tracking tool by allowing you to see who has clocked in through Shop Floor Entry.
Jobs Currently Being Worked on M1 Labour Management Module:
View the jobs currently in operation on the shop floor without physically visiting the factory.  This search is updated from Shop Floor Entry

Timecard Audit Report of M1 Labour Management Module:
This report shows the breakdown of labor collected from both Timecard Entry and Shop Floor Entry.
Employee Payroll Summary Report of M1 Labour Management Module:
This report displays a summary of employee hours allowing verification of the accuracy of timecards prior to payroll processing.
Employee Efficiency Report of M1 Labour Management Module:
This report provides an analysis of the hours collected for each employee and calculates an efficiency factor.