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Machine Modifications | Atlas Copco & Tamrock

Supplier: Squirty Hydraulic & Mechanical

Squirty Hydraulic & Mechanical pride themselves on their innovation and ideas in producing parts, components and systems which outlast anything in today’s market.

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With a huge range of modified products available, including Hydraulic Upgrades for Atlas Copco and Tamrock machines, SHM’s modifications are used to raise a machines performance at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

If you have a machine that is not producing at a level you or your business is satisfied with, SHM can provide an obligation free report or list of recommendations including our specially designed products to save on costs related to downtime and premature component wear. Modified components are even available on a Service-exchange basis which can be trialled to test the benefits of the modifications on your machines.

SHM will design and manufacture to their customers requirements. We can put your ideas into action and investigate, design and manufacture them into a highly valuable product.

Packages available:

SHM Upright Feed Holder Package

This replaces the existing set up to an upright Tamrock style configuration, using a manufactured Rollover Housing, Feed Holder and heavy duty tapered Roller Bearing blocks. Separate Hose Looms and Hose Trees are run on the inside of the Rails.

This modification has proved highly successful in minimising Hose Loom damage and Boom wear and tear.

SHM Front Centraliser and Travelling Centraliser

This replaces the original set up and is extremely heavy duty. The Travelling Centraliser incorporates its own Dozer Plate and the Front Centraliser uses a cheaper, longer lasting Tamrock style front buffer.

SHM Zoom Tube Modification

The existing tube only uses 3 x M12 Cap Screws per key. The SHM Tube uses a hardened Key with 6 x M14 Cap Screws, Chrome Tube, Double Wear Segments and 2 Rear Bushes. This greatly extends the Zoom Tube life, also available in  Service-x.

Water Cooler Kit

This involves remounting the Water Cooler on the outside of the Chassis providing easier access.

LE55 Compressor Kit

This replaces the Hydraulic Driven Screw Compressor with the more economical LE55 Piston Compressor. The new Compressor is fitted into the same position as the Screw Compressor with only slight modifications.

SHM Feed Cylinder Spacers/Complete Feed Cylinder

Fitted inside the Feed Cylinder, this allows the Feed Cylinder to travel a set distance stopping the constant impact of the Front and Travelling Centralisers and the stripping of Threads from the Rail.

SHM Bottom Clip-On Guards

Clamps for the Bottom Clip-On’s, designed to extend Clip-On life and stop cuttings from entering.

Swing Out Drill Steel Holder

This involves removing the existing Steel Holder from the Roof and replacing it with a manufactured Holder which is fitted to the left or right of the machine. Able to swing out of the way for easy access.

Swing Out Air Receiver and Fire Suppression Holder

This is located at the Rear of the machine under the Bonnet and protects the Pressure Vessels allowing easy access to Valves, Water Pump and Battery.

SHM Lincoln Lube System/Direct Grease System

Both systems have proven to extend component life with one being automatic and the other using Manifolds allowing the Grease to enter where it otherwise wouldn’t.

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