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MacroAir Fans / Fans Direct

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High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans designed to move large volumes of air, with minimum energy usage. Suitable for use in interior commercial and industrial applications.

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Product Description:

MacroAir fans are large (up to seven metres in diameter) overhead high volume low speed fans. Fans provide significant coverage without creating drafts, moving up to 7,000 cubic meters of air per minute.

Fans are energy efficient with good performance, even at low speed.Product reduces the amount of air conditioning required throughout the year and, at peak times, can assist in reducing peak load by allowing thermostats to be set at higher temperatures.

In summer, fans reduce heat stress by providing physiological cooling by generating a breeze that allows the body’s natural evaporative temperature regulation systems to work more effectively. In winter, fans can be tuned to destratify an air volume, lowering the layer of warmer air near the roof to lower levels occupied by people by running in reverse.

Other benefits include: healthier air quality through air circulation; decrease in bacteria, mould and mildew. Suitable for use in big box retail outlets, manufacturing and assembly plants, warehouses, gymnasiums, indoor sports stadiums, schools and aircraft hangers.

Use of this product may contribute to the achievement of Green Star™ credit points. Subscribers please click here to view full enhanced content listing.

Country of Origin

  • Product is manufactured in California.

Ecospecifier Issues of Concern / Red Lights

  • This product contains aluminium and copper. Both have high embodied energy. However, this is offset by the product’s energy improvements and high recycling potential.

Assessment Comparison

  • Standard sized exhaust fans and HVAC systems



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