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Supplier: AEM Cores
18 February, 2010

A Unicore machine needs to be maintained to keep the production of cores at the highest quality.

In order to get the maintenance done in a timely manner UCS counts fold and cut and strip movement. UCS has predetermined maintenance intervals at which it prompts the operator to have the Unicore machine maintained.

Maintenance warnings are first given on the production page - you can see the round green tick in the story "Manufacturing" indicating that the connected Unicore machine is in a fit state to continue with production. If the machine requires maintenance a red circular cross logo appears on the production screen, and a pop up dialogue interrupts the operator. The operator can nominate to ignore maintenance warnings.

In the maintenance page below you can see that there are a number of maintenance items and in this screen shot all are well within their limits. Any out of limits maintenance items would show a full green bar graph and a red cross. The toolbox logo also illuminates so that maintenance personal can record that the maintenance was carried out.