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Major retail warehouse flooring levelled

Supplier: Mainmark
08 May, 2014

Huge retail warehouse in Cairns re-levelled and re-supported by Uretek expanding resin injection method.

Problems: Poor ground on this site caused major floor issues.

Major out-of-level flooring problems were developing due to the poor quality of the soil in the whole industrial-oriented area where the well-known and popular retail warehouse was located.

Flooring Badly Subsided due to Weak Foundation Soil of the Location

The zone had been reclaimed and developed a long time ago from mangrove swamp beside Smiths Creek.

The concrete slab ground level flooring had become uneven over a large area. The potential for problems of customer and staff safety were paramount. But out-of-level flooring would also pose problems of access to stock, and possibly to stock damage.

Temporary measures had been taken, raising and levelling racking off subsided floor areas, but this was giving an impression totally out of keeping with the company's excellent public image.

Solution: resin injection one area at a time, outside of hours

A very large area of concrete floor had to be re-levelled

The floor area was approx 5.400 square metres and the slabs 150mm thick. Areas of floor had settled and hung up around the piled pad footings beneath the columns supporting the roof.

The subsidence was great: as much as 130mm in some places; and the average was 60mm.

How to deal with the building subsidence without disrupting the business of this very busy store?

The manager swiftly called in the Uretek North Queensland Team to rectify the situation, re-levelling the floors and increasing foundation support to the building using their unique system of injecting expanding , structural resins..

To cause the least interruption to business, the work was carried out area-by-area, and it was all done outside of trading hours, mostly at night.

The project, begun in August 2010, was completed in 26 operational days.

The Result: floors returned completely to level, on on stronger ground

The floor slabs were all raised to safe usable levels, back to within construction tolerances, providing an even grade.

This removed any possible safety issues, and enabled racking to be fully utilised. The appearance of the racking (directly accessed by customers, of course) was also brought up to the company's high standard.

The key benefits of the Uretek method of floor re-levelling in this project:

  • Non-invasive
  • Completed entirely outside of trading hours
  • Zero impact on day-to-day business during the project
  • Quick, clean, accurate, controllable injection and lifting