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Supplier: Envirosmart
20 August, 2008

EnviroSmart is a wholly Australian owned company producing a range of environmentally friendly biologically active spill control products, chemicals, microbes and water treatment systems designed to exceed the latest regulatory demands placed on industry.

Its key marketing advantage is delivered through its quality of product and innovation programs. Its ability to provide this is through a strategic decision to source core components and manufacturing within Australia.

Australian manufacture allows Envirosmart to experience the advantage of innovation and customisation to local business and government regulatory requirements, whilst delivering at a significant price advantage.

Envirosmart's team boasts world class Australian scientists, engineers and microbiologists with over 10 years of extensive industry experience in working with both government and private enterprise and is hence why existing clients describe its back up support as leading the industry.

This means you can be confident in the outcomes Envirosmart products will deliver, benefiting your business both technically and on a cost management perspective.

Envirosmart Spill Control Products cover all facets of the industry, from loose particulate biologically active absorbents to Polypropylene pads and booms for on water use. Spill kits and training are all part of its service programs to assist industry meet their 'due diligence' requirements.

Its environmental friendly degreaser products are biodegradable and pass Quick Break/Release standards and Aquis standards.

The EnviroSmart range also consists of microbial products for the biologically treatment of a range of wastes. They are capable of treating waste oils (including PCBs and PAHs), grease traps, sewage and denitrification.

Envirosmart is continually improving on its range or Enzyme products for odour and waste control together with it dust suppression products.

Simultaneously, EnviroSmart has invested in the research and development of a range Water Treatment System alternatives to meet the ever-increasing demands on the wastewater industry.

Applications include the biological degradation of Pesticide residuals and similarly oil waters so that the resultant discharge is suitable for re use as second use water. The company is also developing an Electrolytic disinfection and scaling control device. However, in doing so, a number of alternative applications for the technology evolved including medical applications, swimming pools and drinking water.

With a key focus on continuous improvement in both existing product technology and emerging markets, the company has developed core competencies and resources in a number of waste disposal and environmental product markets.

Whilst no company can sensibly claim to have all the answers, Envirosmart constantly strives to provide, 'Simple and safe solutions' that are affordable to the end user, kind to the environment and which benefit Australia.