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Make sure your products are always safely strapped in securely

Supplier: Mosca Australia
16 April, 2009

It does not matter if your products are large or small, it is always essential to make sure they are packaged securely when sending them out.

Mosca offers a wide range of machines that can give you peace of mind in this area. Be it for the newspaper industry, corrugated board, commercial printers, pharmaceuticals companies, the meat industry or even banks, they all need the same quality of packaging.

The company specialises in developing and manufacturing narrow strap machinery and consumables. At this point in time, there is no substitute for strapping. Therefore, by developing machinery that performs well by using a narrow strap, this provides serious cost savings for the end user. It is also better for the environment because of the reduction in the use of plastics.

The Mosca brand was actually started 41 years ago in Germany and it has been in Australia for over 30 years now. Mosca Australia itself was set up six years ago.

Dale Smith, the managing director of Mosca Australia, founded the company in a joint venture with Mosca AG.

“Mosca users are provided with full 24/7 technical support, whether it be from a local service engineer on site, through to our IT department accessing the machinery of customers remotely via a modem or internet. Customers have the choice of using Mosca consumable products and have access to a comprehensive spare parts store.”

The company also designs products for the specific needs of its customers and industries. During this process, they try their best not to make a square peg fit into a round hole.

“We have some great stories about how our products have been of really good use to our customers. Although we perform many large installations, sometimes it can be the smaller ones that are very satisfying. For instance, we were recently asked to offer our entry level machines to a company in Sydney who had previously purchased inferior equipment. We actually lost that sale. However, the supplier let them down with promised delivery times and they decided to come back to us for rental machines until this order arrived.

“After having used our machines their staff were so impressed that they convinced the owners to cancel their order and place another one with us. Now they are using Mosca strapping machines and intend to replace their complete older fleet with Mosca. We also have customers with over 40 machines on one site, who will not use anything else.”

Smith remembers in the early days his company made its first sale to Cairns Post.

“This was the first in the whole News Ltd group and became the proving ground for Mosca machinery. No supplier before us had broken the shackles from their existing supplier. The decision to purchase Mosca was based on poor performance, down time and service costs. Word spread throughout this group and today many News Ltd sites use Mosca machinery.

“I recall being on site during a run at the Townsville Bulletin when they first installed Mosca and the manager turned all the lines off, except one, to test the speed and performance. After some time, he came to me and explained what he did and how pleased he was with the outcome – specifically one line managing to strap all of the newspaper bundles coming off the press.”

One of the other key services that Mosca Australia offers includes providing support quickly and locally for machines that go down. In addition, it provides AutoCAD layouts for complete turnkey projects, as well as for single machines.

In addition, it supplies complete conveyor systems, stretch wrapping machinery and safety guarding, which all complement its range of strapping machinery and also provide a single supplier solution to complex installations.

Smith is proud to work for the company because it is family owned. “We don't need to answer to shareholders and return them a bottom line profit. We all work in the best interest of Mosca to ensure they remain market leaders, with good results coming from this attitude. Our industry experience and knowledge base allows us to provide technical support as required on many other makes and models of strapping machinery.”

Smith has worked for over 20 years in various role with the Mosca product. “Between myself and sales director David Hoppner, we have over 40 years experience working with strapping machines. Speaking for us both, we love to see happy customers and we enjoy establishing new friendships. We also work closely with the head office in Germany. Using today's technology, we are just one small wheel in the entire group. We are also all friends.”

As for the future, he is keeping optimistic about it. “These are uncertain times, but my goal is to see us through this dilemma stronger, not weaker. This is to be seen as an opportunity. Sure, it means that we have to work harder and smarter, but this also improves our chances for reward and failure is not a consideration. I have a great team working around me. They all understand the demands and have all stood up to the challenge. These same people are our greatest asset that no balance sheet can value.”