Make Your Business Energy Smart with Smappee Infinity

20 Feb 2020

Commercial Power Monitoring & Load Control for an Energy Efficient Workplace

If you’re running a small business you probably have a business plan and a financial advisor or accountant to ensure you’re on track to achieve your financial aims. But do you have an energy advisor?

Energy is money

Despite energy bills often being a significant overhead, many small businesses simply pay their energy bills with no review or monitoring. That is where you need smart energy monitoring – it acts as your personal financial energy advisor, helping you assess options for cutting costs and optimising profit.

As smart businesses increasingly look to digital solutions to help them manage their financial and operational performance, smart energy management should be part of your business strategy.

Monitoring and controlling energy consumption

Understanding how your business uses energy is a key part of managing business overheads. But how do you do that? For a start, you need to understand your energy bills and you need to know the three ‘W’s –

  • What - what energy are you consuming?
  • Where – where are you using the energy? Which appliances and how much energy is each appliance using?
  • When – when is energy used or is it base load energy (i.e. on all the time)?

Smappee Infinity will gather this information for you and automatically optimise energy use across your business.

From individual appliances to multiple business sites

With its user friendly, appealing mobile app and in-depth computer dashboard, you can track what energy you are using, in real time. Smappee can even monitor individual appliances for you using its patented NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring) technology. That way, you can see exactly what appliances are using energy and how much they’re using.

You can then start getting smart about your energy use, thinking about possibly running appliances at different times of the day, turning them off or using them less at certain times, all helping to reduce your energy costs. Smappee can help you with that too, by controlling your smart appliances.

And if you have multiple business sites Smappee will seamlessly track your energy both locally and centrally.

Getting the best from your solar system

If you have a solar PV system or many, across multiple sites, Smappee Infinity will do all the heavy lifting for you. It monitors solar power generation, energy consumption and energy exported to the grid.

To minimise your energy overheads, you need to be maximising your solar, ensuring that as much as possible of that clean, green and free energy is consumed directly on site (self-consumption). Smappee Infinity maps your energy footprint against your solar generation, allowing you to manage your energy loads to maximise your direct consumption of solar.

With Smappee’s sub-metering capability, you can monitor individual appliances and set up rules for Smappee to adjust your smart appliances depending on how much solar you’re generating. For example, you could reduce the air-conditioning if the solar generation drops (like when it gets cloudy) or send power to a hot water system when your solar has high generation.

Future-proof your business

The modular nature of Smappee means that you can add to it as your business grows, be it a new business site, changing to an electric vehicle or adding batteries to your solar system. The powerful Smappee system optimises your energy flows, creating a smart network between cars, buildings and the grid.

At a typical cost of between $2k- $3k supplied and installed, Smappee Infinity is an affordable, low maintenance system, that is fully tax deductible.

Vista Power Technologies can quickly and easily design, supply and install a system for your small business wherever you are in Australia.

Get in touch now to find out more about making your business energy smart with Smappee Infinity.