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Making money with lifting & materials handling equipment

Supplier: Safetech By: L. Wakefield
23 July, 2010

The decision to purchase lifting or materials handling equipment is often delayed or put off whilst a business decides if it can afford the expense.

In many situations the reality is the reverse - the longer the delay the greater the lost financial opportunity.

Three recent cases illustrate this:

1. Low Level Cold Store Tilter

Considerable amounts of labour were spent manually unstacking and restacking pallets of frozen meats product to allow the removal of freezer sheets from between product layers.

The purchase of a low level tilter provided labour savings that paid for the equipment within 3 months. After that it was all profit.

2. Pallet Inverter

A central Victorian seed company was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per annum paying for pallet hire in its seed warehouses.

Two in-house pallet inverters returned their investment withing 7 months through the dehiring of pallets that was made possible when using the pallet inverters to depalletise onto in-house pallets

3. Palift

The purchase of 7 Palifts allowed a New South Wales brewer to reduce palletising time by 15% which quickly turned a profit whilst helping to prevent injury and worker fatigue.

Palift has a long history of successfully increasing worker productivity and its benefits have been proven in more than 50,000 applications around the world.

The same kind of financial returns are routinely seen with many kinds of materials handling products. True cost-benefit analysis can be the way to demonstrate to financial managers that the decision to purchase is more profitable sooner rather than later.