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Manual Test Rig

Supplier: AEM Cores

The Manual Test Rig is an industrialised manual version of our Test Bench developments to date.

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Currently our Test Benches test only single phase cores.

The Manual Test Rig is a three phase unit with quick connect cabling to enable fast and accurate testing of 3 phase cores. Any type of 3 phase core: Evans, 4 loop or flat stack can be tested for magnetising current and power loss using the manual variac. Single phase test leads convert the unit into a simple single phase test rig with the change of a test lead.

A spread sheet tabulates the required induced voltage needed for a specific number of turns around a particular core size (entered) for various flux densities. These target voltages allow the operator to energise the core to set flux densities and read off the actual voltage, current and instantaneous power.

The results are entered into the spreadsheet producing a graph showing the interpolated core performance vs flux density for both Power Loss (Watts) and Magnetising Force (A/m).

Available measurements for each channel include:

  • Volts
  • Amps
  • Watts
  • VA
  • Var
  • Power Factor (PF).
  • Three phase measurements can be displayed either as individual phases or as the summation of all three phases (default).

MTR8A Specifications
The Manual Test Rig incorporates a variac connected to a power meter with either a single phase, or three phase test lead around the test core

  • Variac Input 
    • 380-440Vac phase-phase (3 phase), or 220-240Vac phase to neutral 50/60 Hz
    • Must have Neutral and Earth connection to mains supply for star test in three phase cores  
  • Variac Output 
    • Auto transformer type, continuously variable output
    • 415Vac input (phase to phase) => 470Vac output (phase to phase) (19-12% step up in voltage)
    • 6.5kVA max power
    • 8 Amps per phase
    • All wiring rated to 10 Amps continuous duty cycle
  •  Power Meter
    • Supply: 230Vac ± 10% 50/60Hz single phase 10VA
    • Voltage measurement: 0-500Vrms auto ranging
    • Current measurement: 0-15Arms direct with auto scaling
    • Power: 0-7.5kW auto ranging
    • Apparent Power (VA) 0-7.5kVA
    • Reactive Power (VAr) 0-7.5kVAr
    • Power Factor -1.0-> +1.0
  •  Test Cables 
    • rated to 500Vac
    • 10A pin contacts on plug / sockets
    • plug and play, no wiring by operator