Manufacturing automotive gas tanks

Supplier: Safetech
29 November, 2011

A gas tank manufacturer for automotive industry was required to lift, inspect and load finished gas tanks weighing 25 kgs from the production line to shipping racks.

The Problem

This customer was looking for a better way to lift, inspect and load big, bulky finished gas tanks weighing approximately 25 kgs onto a shipping rack. They needed something that could handle a 24 hour cycle, lifting product every 5-10 minutes.

It took 2 workers to manually lift, inspect and load the tanks onto a shipping rack, wasting valuable resources and increasing the potential for injury.

Work area is very restrictive with forklift traffic coming through on two sides.

The tanks are big and bulky, with no good lifting points (see finished gas tank photo).

Product Chosen

Work Station Jib Crane; 75 kg capacity; 3.5 M span; 3 M HUB. The hoist is an air balancer with float operation and the end tooling is a custom built vacuum system. The system was installed so that it did not interfere with the forklift traffic coming through the isles.

Benefits of this Product

The customer and especially the employees are thrilled with the Gorbel Work Station Jib Crane. It now only takes one person to accomplish the task; saving on precious resources and time. Safety and productivity within the cell have both increased and the workers are thrilled with the ease with which the jib moves.