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Manufacturing Industry Consulting Services

Supplier: ManufactureLink

ManufactureLink offers a comprehensive suite of consultancy services including assisted sourcing, vendor management, technology finder and more.

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Since 2005, ManufactureLink has owned and operated one of the largest and most efficient industrial manufacturing network in Australia. ManufactureLink provide industry leading experience and a suite of services to assist companies with their industrial sourcing operations, and to support industry with their depth of knowledge.

ManufactureLink have worked for many years to develop an in-depth understanding of the capabilities of individual manufacturers in the Australian industry. As a result, ManufactureLink’s knowledge of general and niche manufacturing capability within Australia is second to none.

We have worked also with thousands of buyers to assist them to find the manufacturing capability they need, find solutions to their manufacturing challenges and locate technology solutions from both domestic and overseas sources. Our vast experience in assisting companies with their sourcing and manufacturing operations means we offer world class consulting services to the manufacturing industry.

ManufactureLink operations consist of two core offerings:

  • Manufacturing industry consulting services.
  • Online sourcing network for custom, industrial manufacturing.

This capability statement covers our consultancy expertise and please review the How it Works section of this website for details of our innovative, online sourcing systems which is the fastest and most efficient way to source your custom manufactured industrial components. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

ManufactureLink Consulting Services Overview

ManufactureLink’s industry consultancy services provide a broad spectrum of expertise from simple information searches to developing industrial sourcing operations for large multinational corporations.

The following sections offer a brief summary of ManufactureLink’s consulting services covering just some of our areas of expertise:

Technology Finder


Technology Finder is the name given to ManufactureLink’s basic information search service. Technology Finder is used to locate information vital to your business. ManufactureLink’s research skills are regularly used to locate information such as:

  • Location of niche manufacturing capability.
  • Location of non-industrial manufacturing capability.
  • Location of unique manufacturing technology and equipment.
  • Manufacturing industry intelligence.
  • Benchmarking data.
  • Locating alternate or competing technologies.
  • Locate suppliers of specific equipment.
  • International supplier searches.
  • Research latest technology for a given application.
  • Research standards and certification requirements and procedures.
  • Locate accredited testing authorities.
  • Information searches for almost any information important to your operations.

The breadth of topics ManufactureLink has successfully provided research services for is vast. Our experience in conducting information research means we can almost always locate the required information in a fraction of the time it will take to conduct the research yourself. Technology Finder is a fixed price, low-cost research service you can tap into.

For more details on our technology Finder service, click here >>

Assisted Sourcing

Some companies simply need assistance getting the first batch of their goods made to establish supply and then want to manage future purchases themselves. Others simply don't have the expertise to source industrial manufacturing and need the assistance of a manufacturing professional.

ManufactureLink has a service we call 'Assisted Sourcing' to help you overcome the initial hurdles. ManufactureLink will assess your requirements, produce manufacturing ready drawings if required, develop a sourcing strategy, locate suitable suppliers, audit chosen suppliers, obtain quotes, arrange for the first batch to be manufactured, control quality and deliver the products to you.

ManufactureLink manages the entire process for you and on delivery of the first order, we transfer all the contacts and details to you so you can manage your own sourcing from there on in.

To contact ManufactureLink about our Assisted Sourcing service, click here >>

ManufactureLink Consulting

ManufactureLink has been recognised by Governments, technology organisations, major consultancy firms and some of Australia’s largest companies as possessing leading knowledge and expertise in Australian manufacturing capability and industrial sourcing operations. A brief summary of our areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Capability mapping of Australian manufacturing industry in a variety of sectors.
  • Australian industry capability support for tenders and major projects.
  • Development of manufacturing processes to produce your goods.
  • Development of solutions to overcome technical barriers to growing your business.
  • Development and implementation of strategies to streamline industrial component sourcing operations.
  • Strategies to reduce your manufacturing costs.
  • Design for manufacture review of product and component designs.
  • Research and reporting of industry intelligence and critical business information.
  • Management of multi-disciplined sourcing projects.
  • Off-shore supplier audits and off-shore sourcing.
  • Brokering of collaborations for complex manufacturing to offer single source turnkey solutions.
  • Buyer and supplier matching.
  • Industrial marketing and promotion of manufacturing capability.

ManufactureLink consulting also offers clients access to large in-house database of manufacturing capability developed over many years and access to power of one of Australia’s largest advanced manufacturing networks.

To contact us to discuss your consulting requirements, click here >>

Vendor Management

Many organisations have to deal with ERP and purchasing management systems that make it difficult and expensive to add new vendors. Often this is due to a poor implementation of the ERP system or mergers between companies leaving multiple systems being used across several sites.

The result is organisations often revert to purchasing from only a few suppliers to avoid the expense of entering and managing new vendors into their system. The suppliers know this and know they will always receive the orders regardless of the price quoted or quality supplied so you get poor service.

ManufactureLink has developed flexible systems to manage the vendors for you while allowing you to maintain contact with your suppliers. You can source from ManufactureLink’s database of several hundred manufacturers while only requiring one vendor in your system.

Flexibility of our systems mean you can choose to control all aspects of the sourcing process, or engage ManufactureLink to completely manage it for you, and several steps in between. The choice is yours.

To contact ManufactureLink about our vendor management system, click here >>

Some Examples of Our Past Consulting Projects

Australia’s leading organisation for transport and delivery of letters and parcels engaged ManufactureLink to manage their vendors. Their complex SAP purchasing system was arriving them to use only a few suppliers for their industrial spares resulting in high pricing and poor quality. Low quality parts had a flow-on effect of increasing machine down time and maintenance costs. ManufactureLink used their vendor management system to enable the client to source from anyone in our network. The client now enjoys low cost, high quality parts and has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A Federal Government initiative to assist the manufacturing industry engaged advisers to analyse businesses and improve their operations to make them more competitive. These advisers continually found companies with technical barriers to growing their businesses. ManufactureLink was engaged to provide technical consulting services to this Government initiative and assist these companies to overcome their technical barriers. ManufactureLink’s technical consulting services proved so successful they were given a long term contract to continue to provide these services to the Australian Government.

The department of industry for one of the state Governments commissioned one of the leading consulting companies to produce a report on stimulating the advanced manufacturing industry through incentives and programs to boost the solar industry. ManufactureLink was engaged to develop a complete solar industry capability map and research the solar industry and incentive schemes around the world. ManufactureLink interviewed key stakeholders and developed policy recommendations for the report that would encourage advanced manufacturers to enter the solar manufacturing sector.

A consortium tendering for the Australian Government funding to develop a bionic eye called in ManufactureLink to assist with their ultimately successful bid. To strengthen their bid the consortium sought to show strong engagement with the Australian manufacturing industry. ManufactureLink analysed their niche manufacturing requirements, connected the consortium with companies who could produce their designs, and brokered collaborations between manufacturers.

Several of Australia’s leading medical device manufacturers of implantable devices have engaged ManufactureLink to assist with industry capability identification. These companies were moving from small volume manufacturing to large volumes and needed to find manufacturers with the right accreditations who could produce consistent, quality components in high volumes. In some cases these medical device companies sought to find second suppliers to reduce their supply chain risks.

Please contact us for more information on our suite of consulting services.