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ManuSoft Report Generator - Finding all parts which use a material

Supplier: Manufacturing Software
22 April, 2008

All the current versions of ManuSoft contain a powerful feature called the Report Generator.

This routine lets you create custom reports on your data, so you can extract the information you need quickly. In today's blog post I'm going to give an example of what you can do with the Report Generator.

In the example I use version 6.4 of ManuSoft. I'd also recommend trying this in a play system first, if you're new to the report generator.

The scenario: you have a particular raw material and you want to find all manufactured parts which include this raw material in its bill of materials.

If you only want to search for one material you can just select the standard report format, then click printout. In the search criteria form that pops up search for "Material" equal to and enter a stock code.

The generated report should list a part code and a description on each line, corresponding to a part which uses the material code you searched for.

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