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Market Research Data Collection

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A large proportion of time and money spent on market research is related to data collection. Currently many market researchers obtain data through observation and recording of notes, or through customer intercepts and completing surveys. Once data is collected, time and labor must be spent processing the data and then evaluating and reporting on the research findings. This process is slow, costly, and inefficient.

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CMO COMPLIANCE, the Cost Reduction System, is a mobile data collection and management solution.

CMO COMPLIANCE Software - Web/Mobile, allows any type of inspection, survey, performance assessment or checklist to be performed electronically on a mobile device, internet site or standalone PC/Laptop.

Once data is collected the results can be seamlessly uploaded to a central web based database or standalone PC/laptop for administration and automated reporting.

Using CMO COMPLIANCE, the Cost Reduction System, on a PDA market research organisations are able to download their allocated surveys, conduct the data collection and distribute their results to the web-based application or to individual contacts via a wireless connection.

Once results are uploaded to the web-based application automated processing and reporting takes place.

Executives and research departments have instant access to current and past research results and reports for use in vital decision making, anytime, anywhere.

Features of CMO COMPLIANCE, the Cost Reduction System, relevant to market research data management include:

  • Alerts for the next data collection dates
  • Conduct intercept interviews using nothing but a handheld PDA pre-programmed with formatted questionnaire.
  • Ability to distribute time-sensitive questionnaires and templates worldwide in real time
  • Ability to capture photographic evidence on PDA
  • Zero paperwork required from data collection through to report distribution
  • Data and reports can be distributed from the PDA onsite to geographically dispersed offices
  • Results uploaded with eliminated data entry error and no need for time consuming data checking
  • User login allows you to track who performed audits and when
  • Includes drop-down lists for easy-selection of common question answers
  • Questions can be made mandatory so that data collection can only be finalized when all data is present
  • Automated reporting produces powerful trend and performance reports

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