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Marketing Super Conference Video Series with Transcript

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If you want to make next year the most exciting and profitable time you’ve ever spent, the 4- day Marketing Super Conference on video reveals…How to make an extra $250,000.00 a Year (or more) In Your Business and Live To Enjoy It.

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Every person who attended the Marketing Super Conference discovered powerful, insider marketing secrets, techniques and strategies to add thousands of dollars to their bottom line. Here's how you can get the same information for a fraction of the price of attending this event.

This conference and the "Hot Seat" sessions were not about making you feel good and stroking egos, they were often brutally frank in showing everyone how to make money in the fastest possible way.

So what exactly was it that made this seminar such a raging success? I'm glad you asked. I can give you the answer in just four words . . .It was the people!

Yes, it was the good . . . but it was the extraordinary people who made this seminar work. They are the most elite and compellingly creative experts in their respective fields.

The copywriters like Justin Roff Marsh and myself. The best-in-the-business-types and sales wizards like Ross Hancock and Jason Van Hooft.

The hall-of-famer, Winston Marsh, the battle-hardened fax and media moguls like Stuart McGill and Peter Nicholas and the hero-of-retail and direct response, Peter Spann, plus the USA import and marketing-whiz, Ed Forteau. And they were all at the conference with a single purpose.

  • To teach the attendees everything they knew about their particular fields of expertise and all their inside tricks and secrets including . . .
  • How to create explosive ad and sales letter copy, find prospects and get lists of potential customers for your specific business.
  • Several low-cost strategies to make your business stand out from your competitors, and give you a virtual strangle-hold on the business within your particular market.
  • An easy-to-follow plan to help you build a number of turn-key promotional campaigns that will provide you with a constant flow of new customers and at the same time lower your acquisition cost for each client.
  • They showed how to maximise the returns from the customers you already have. And revealed new and powerful ways to make profits - using less time, less effort, less money and less risk than you are doing now.... plus lots more!

Personal Hot Seats for each and every attendee with all the skill and fury we could muster

In these "Hot Seat" sessions the panel of experts audited real businesses owned by the attendees in the room live. They looked at how they did business, dissected their marketing materials, analysed their ads, brochures and sales letters, and gave them the best ways for fast-tracking whatever they were doing for maximum results.

Here's exactly what they did for each attendee's business…

  • If they were already in business and wanted to increase their bottom line, they handed them turn-key strategies to do exactly that. By getting their current customers to buy more and at higher profit margins, their past customers to buy more often and potential customers to buy from them instead of their competition.
  • Or, if they needed extra sales or new customers, they introduced them to the most effective lead generation devices available for their particular product or industry. It was all spelled out in detail so they were able to put it into action the very next week.
  • Or, if they needed more exposure and market credibility, they gave them proven, low-budget promotions and ads designed to build their image in the marketplace and keep their name before their customers and prospects - while making profitable sales.
  • In addition, they offered them advice on how to get the most out of their existing brochures, Yellow Page ads, letters, press releases and any other promotional materials they had. They overhauled them right there on stage and gave them headlines, offers and copy that was so hot it almost sizzled.
  • And for some, they even custom designed several easy to implement techniques for handling telephone enquiries, dealing with those pesky `price shoppers' and converting them into profitable sales without having to discount like crazy.

OK, here's what you'll get:

1. The complete minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day video recording of everything that went on at the conference.

(That's over forty sessions of recordings indexed by each speaker and the topic covered). To attend the Marketing Super Conference in person and get this information first-hand would have cost you a small fortune. Many people paid over $10,000 to get this info. Remember, you get the video recordings of everything that went on.

2. The typed transcripts of every session at the conference.

Thanks to these transcripts you won't miss a word, ad or idea - it's all here, over 500 pages in total. Each session is indexed by speaker to make it fast and easy for you to find what you need. These transcripts cost over $7,150 to get done.

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