Marking medical equipment: the Trotec advantage

Supplier: Trotec Laser By: Suraya Diamond-Coorey
04 October, 2018

Laser marking techniques have been used in the medical industry for years.

This is mainly because of the reliability and incredible marking capabilities that lasers can offer, making them an asset to many medical supply companies. They help the medical industry with quality control, product throughput and safety regulations, and what better machine for the job than a reliable, high quality, Trotec laser machine?

Unique Device Identification

A piece of equipment’s Unique Device Identification (UDI) must be clearly displayed on all medical products. This is, for the most part, for traceability purposes. By scanning the code, a user should be able to read all relevant information regarding the instrument, including the manufacturer's name, reference number and the item’s expiration date. This ensures an error-free and risk-free documentation, as well as patient safety.

Laser markings are completely resistant to acids, cleaners and all bodily fluids – they can give you the sturdiest markings imaginable. Since the surface structure remains unchanged when laser processed in certain ways, the equipment will always be clean, sterile and suitable for use internally or externally. Even if an implant needs to be left inside the human body for a very long time, the materials from the label, or UDI, will never detach or harm the patient.

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Camera Support

Laser marking in the medical industry is one of the preferred identification methods, as it ensures high-quality marks, high precision, system reliability and great repetition accuracy.

Manufacturers in the medical sector must adhere to very strict processes. Therefore, changes to any accepted marking templates or settings must be documented in detail. Laser systems that include camera-assisted vision technology usually hold an advantage in these situations. Trotec offers a range of marking machines with integrated vision systems, capable of detecting any change or distortion in a workpiece or material. When these inaccuracies are detected, the laser’s path is automatically adjusted. With the accompaniment of this system, manufacturers will not have to document so many adjustments to their marking processes. They will be able to complete their marking jobs quicker and with less interruption.

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SpeedCutter Twin – Stent Cutting

Trotec’s innovative and intelligent SpeedCutter Twin laser machine is the perfect solution for heart stent creation.

The SpeedCutter Twin is a single laser system that is 100% dedicated to the production of heart stents. It is equipped with two identical air-cooled fiber laser sources, allowing it to cut two stents at the same time. This machine is one example of what we at Trotec can do with our laser machines – we created the SpeedCutter Twin to meet a specific customer’s requirements.

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The best thing about laser machines is how reliable they are, and this is a very important feature when it comes to stent creation. Trotec laser machines are consistent and require very little maintenance. This means stents can be produced quickly and safely. The SpeedCutter Twin is even equipped with an innovative, automatic loading system. This makes the manufacturing process quicker still.

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