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Material Handling Equipment | Bucket Elevators

Supplier: Integrated Bulk Systems

Material Handling Equipment, IBS Bucket Elevators have successfully been installed in a wide range of applications and capacities.

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Material Handling Equipment | Bucket Elevators

From process equipment, handling a few kg /hr to over 2000 t/hr with a vast range of materials. Whether your application requires a heavy-duty high capacity machine or an industrial process elevator for your factory.

IBS have a wealth of experience in designing the correct bucket elevator for your application and have a standard range of elevators, which can be specifically designed for, more specialised applications.

IBS elevators have conveyed high temperature, high wear, abrasive, large lumpy, sticky non-flowing materials, as well as free flowing powders and granules.

We supply a standard range of twin chain and belt elevators single or twin bucket design for high capacity applications such as grain, minerals and ore. The selection of the elevator depends on the material characteristics and IBS will be able to advise you and select the elevator most suited to your material and your application.

IBS Standard Range of Elevators

  • Gravity elevators
  • Positive discharge elevators
  • Central discharge slow speed elevators
  • Centrifugal elevators

Gravity Type Bucket Elevator

IBS supply gravity discharge elevators and positive discharge elevators, supplied as close bucket discharge type, central discharge type, or Idler wheel discharge.

Generally a slow speed design gravity bucket elevator is primarily installed for elevating large lumpy & abrasive material. Our standard units are usually chain driven, either friction drive or toothed sprocket. These elevators offer reliability with minimum wear & a positive discharge emptying of the bucket

Centrifugal Type Bucket Elevators

IBS standard range of centrifugal elevators are the most common type of elevator installed to most industries supplied in both belt type or chain type depending on material characteristic and the capacity being elevated and in some case the feeding method of the elevator.

Conveying type

  • Segmented tooth sprocket chain type, twin chain or single dropped forged link chain
  • Friction chain type elevators, European rolled chain
  • Belt elevator. Using rubber belt or 100% polyester solid woven belt, nylon and steel woven belt

Typical Construction

  • We supply Single leg or Double leg elevators
  • Lagged head pulley
  • Slatted return pulley for sticky materials
  • Segmented removable sprockets for chain elevators
  • Segmented and removable friction pulleys for friction drive elevators
  • Fabricated boot and head section assemblies
  • Fabricated 3.0m long nominal casings c/w with self-supporting frame and lateral support frames
  • Dust tight sealed flanges
  • Screw or counterweight tail end take up

Whether the elevator is best suited for toothed sprocket design, friction wheel on conventional belt, IBS will be able to assist with correct selection for the most reliable, maintenance free and cost effective machine to suit your material characteristic and conveying capacity for your particular application.

Types of Buckets readily available

IBS Supply a range of standard off the shelf buckets in a variety of sizes and materials.

Selection of bucket type will depend on material, material characteristics and application. Typical IBS buckets would be plastic-nylon or polyurethane and can be provide FRAS, mild steel fabricated or pressed, stainless steel fabricated or pressed and wear tips for abrasive materials.

Safety and maintenance

  • IBS equipment is supplied mandatory with anti-roll back device in full load condition
  • All inspection doors are fitted with safety limit switches
  • All elevators are supplied with safety motor isolating switch wired to drive and fitted with junction box
  • Safety factor of minimum 12: 1 to rated chain pull to installed chain or belt pull under full load stall conditions

For some materials and specific applications IBS will design in accordance with Australian standards, suitable explosion venting and will design the structure of the elevator to suit the required application. Typical material that requires this consideration would be sugar, flour, grain and coal.

Standard features for all IBS bucket elevators

  • Qty2 1000mm long inspection doors in conveyor leg and return leg in twin leg elevators for easy inspection of belt or chain and replacement of buckets. Inspection hatch will be provided with bolted mesh screen and safety limit switch
  • Qty 2 inspection doors in head section, fitted with safety limit switch
  • Fully removable split head top section.
  • Clean out and inspection doors in Boot section.
  • Self cleaning boot section optional.
  • Under speed sensor and flag disc
  • Belt tracking sensor or switch for belt Bucket Elevators