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Material Handling Equipment | Simlofter

Supplier: Integrated Bulk Systems

Material Handling Equipment, the Simlofter consists of carrier and cover belts, with associated pulleys, motor drives, air boxes and fan.

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Material Handling Equipment | Simlofter

IBS as agents and licensed manufactures for Vigan of Belgium supply their Simlofter conveying systems in Australia.

The Simlofter has been developed from the Simlofter as a safe and efficient replacement for the belt and bucket elevator. It is a method of conveying bulk materials in an essentially vertical direction by means of a pair of conveyor belts, which hold the material between them in the form of a sandwich. When being elevated, the material is in contact only with the belts, which are held together by a combination of edge seals and air pressure.

The twin belt conveying system has been proven over many years of successful operation in the Simlofter system, which is now regarded as the world’s most advanced and efficient unloader for grain and other bulk commodities. This experience forms the basis for the technology incorporated in the Simlofter design.

Description of Operation

The product is fed onto one of the belts and travels into the elevating section where it remains sandwiched between the two moving belts.

Throughout the process of elevation, the product is totally enclosed between the two belts to the virtual exclusion of air.

System Flexibility

The concept of the Simlofter twin belt system lends itself to many alternative configurations. At its simplest, as a direct replacement for a bucket elevator the product is loaded directly into the tail pulley and off loaded directly at the head pulley.

Simlofter Systems Advantages

The main advantages of the Simlofter are as follows:

  • Minimum Dust Hazard
    • Dust hazards are substantially less than those associated with conventional belt and bucket elevators. There are no buckets to promote ignition and the absence of an air/product mixture ensures a non-explosive environment.
  • High Capacity
    • The Simlofter operates at higher speeds than conventional elevators. Thus for a given capacity it has a smaller cross-section, so a more compact design layout is possible. In addition the Simlofter feed and discharge designs enable actual height of lift to be reduced and in certain configurations no elevator pit is required, hence reducing civil costs.
  • No Degradation
    • Material is in contact with the belts only and there are no transfer points within the system. Therefore, in marked contrast to a belt and bucket elevator, material degradation is virtually non-existent.
  • Low Maintenance
    • Due to no buckets being used this greatly reduces maintenance requirements and plant down time.

Range of Simlofter

The Simlofter has been designed in 4 frame sizes for the World Market - 1000mm 1200mm 1400mm & 1600mm widths. All Simlofter units are built up of standard modules which can be arranged to suit the customer’s application requirements.