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Material handling solution for multinational biotechnology company

Supplier: Nachi Australia
19 November, 2009

The Nachi Australia Robot Network partner provided material handling solution for a customer whose process involves separating proteins from bovine plasma.

This plasma, which is stored in frozen form, is thawed when required. Volumes are set to increase as demand for their services increases. 
The design had to be able to:

  • Handle both square and round pails
  • Be able to cope with frozen buckets with surface ice and pail temperatures of -20 degrees to +20
  • Be capable of quickly changing from square and round pails
  • Be capable of tracking  the different types of plasma in the thaw room 
  • Achieve a cycle time of up to 1000 pails per day  while leaving a 16-18 hour thaw window
  • On the unload pour the plasma, wash and  place empty pails for despatch
  • Be reliable and run daily
  • Increase production volumes without additional labour

The solution was to use a Nachi ST166 Robot integrated through a PLC and 3- 5 level stainless steel thaw room storage conveyers. Complete with delid station, wash down station and pails stacking facility

  • Nachi ST 166-02 mounted on 7th Axis-Traverse movement
  • Robot Interface with PLC
  • Auto sensing through-out process
  • Design and build of  thaw room holding conveyors 
  • Design and build a delid machine
  • Incorporate a pail wash station
  • Programming


  •  Increased Production
  •  Less manual handling
  •  Adaptability to meet with market demands