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Maxi Vac 1540

Supplier: Industrial Vacuum Solutions

MAXI VAC 1540 Utility Industrial Vacuum System This Australian made equipment is suitable for a wide variety of cleaning and material recovery tasks.

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Maxi Vac 1540 is amongst the powerful and versatile machines in its class. Providing unmmatched suction for better performane than conentional drum style vacuum cleaners.
Its unique parts interchangeable, modular design, allows for easy user customisation. Best suited as a general purpose utility vacuum it can be used in all areas of your factory or production facility areas. Your Maxi Vac is the perfect tool for rapid cleaning of production wastes whether it be a liquid recovery job or dry, dusty powder or granular product. Maxi Vac 1540 is also useful as a powerful contractor grade industrial cleaning tool.
This machine is ideally suited to larger dynamic work environments where a high performance, self energising vacuum cleaner is desirable. Includes long hose lengths of up to 15 metres. Full anti-static hose is standard equipment with this machine.
Please do not judge Maxi Vac's performance by its purposely compact size.
This machine packs plenty of punch. It will generate similar negative pressures to larger sized equipment and at over 350 CFM, it is certainly in the top end of the airflow range in this class. Your new machine is great for both outdoor areas and indoor cleaning jobs! 
   Easy connection to steel drums      Choice of Petrol or Diesel Engine Power      A complete plant facility cleaning tool
Can support three phase electric power
Maxi Vac 1540 is the only vacuum system of which we are aware that can be run off both single phase and three phase power or its onboard generator without any costly modification. Our optional three phase power adapter means that you can run the vacuum indoors with just one lead off any common 20 Amp or greater / 415 volt / 5 pin including Neutral Three Phase power point.
This is well suited for internal factory workshops or production areas within industrial plant facilities where single phase power is often less available. The standard single phase power option remains unchanged so you can still connect one, two or all three motors to regular mains power just about anywhere.
Wireless Radio Remote ON / OFF Control
Your vacuum very conveniently includes two long range, digital signal, wireless radio remote controllers. This allows you to individually turn ON and OFF the suction motors whilst you are working at a distance. The mini key chain fob remote transmitters can work with an excellent line of sight range of around 50 metres. Each remote controller has 4 buttons - one to start / stop each of the 3 motors individually plus an ALL OFF Emergency Stop button. Lost remote controllers can be readily replaced at a low cost. Up to 100 wireless remote controllers can be logged to a machine. These can easily be velcro fitted to hand wands or near work areas for instant remote power switching operation.
Permanent High Efficiency Filter
Maxi Vac 1540 features a long life, washable, high efficiency dust filter. The dusty air is filtered by a large primary air filter that is suspended above the main capture drum. We use a proven textile filter technology. This superb filter material has an extremely high dust rejecting Teflon coated outer surface. Dust will not easily clog the filter.
Forget about continual filter blockages as this machine can operate for extended periods without performance losses. A simple manual shake of the filter is a dustless process. The filter remains in place during the easy cleaning process. A five second filter shake will fully restore the suction to full power. 
Inbuilt Cyclonic Separator
To allow Maxi Vac's special dust filter to stay cleaner for longer your machine features an inbuilt cyclonic separator. The incoming dirty air stream is deflected below and away from the filters and this keeps them cleaner. They work more efficiently for much longer.
Vacuum materials into 205 litre drum liner plastic bags
Maxi Vac 1540 can uniquely vacuum recover the collected materials directly into heavy duty 205 litre (44 Gallon) steel drum liner plastic bags in its main capture drum. Almost all competitor vacuum equipment collects materials into small capacity drum pans which have to be manually lifted and emptied. For high specific gravity materials a forklift is recommend to lift out full plastic bags.
This plastic bag setup works well and is perfect for mess free handling of the vacuumed contents.
Large 63mm (2.5 inch) Hose inlet for fast product recovery
The new 2011 model features a larger 63mm (2.5 inch) inlet port for rapid transfer of bulk materials. For conventional vacuum cleaning tasks your Maxi Vac also includes a reducer fitting to allow the use of 51mm (2 inch) hoses. The greater majority of commercial cleaning tools (brushes, crevice tools and wands) are mass manufactured to suit 50mm (2 inch) hose sizes. With Maxi Vac 1540 you have the option to use either hose diameter size.
Capture Bulk Wet or Dry materials into 205L Steel Drums or Custom Skip Bins
Using Maxi Vac's included 205 Litre (44 Gallon) cyclonic interceptor adaptor head one can easily recover bulk liquids, granulated or powdered materials directly into low cost steel drums.
By using the Maxi Vac system as a suction energiser means that it is connectible to a wide variety of material capture vessels including custom made enclosed lid tipping skip bin system etc. Refer to VacSolutions for more details.
Easy Clean Filter System     Three extra powerful suction motors    Fits in a box trailer or a ute tray
Maxi Vac 1540 comes complete including hoses, tools and accessories
The vacuum arrives complete with 1 x 10m by 2.5 incjh rubber hose and 1 x 5m length of 2 inch lightweight, yet heavy duty, 51mm (2 inch) industrial grade full anti-static vacuum hoses. These hoses are crush proof and long lasting. Commercial grade hand and floor tools are also included in the package.
Compact size and easily forkliftable or hand truckable
Maxi Vac 1540 has been solidly built from accurate laser cut and welded steel. It is protected with a quality high visibility Orange powder coat finish. In true Aussie tradition this vacuum is built like a brick you know what and there are no weak fiddly bits to break.
Your vacuum was purposely designed to fit on the back of most standard tray top utility vehicles or even inside a domestic sized 6ft x 4ft box trailer. Maxi Vac 1540 is comparatively lightweight at only 175 kilograms and can quickly be fork lifted or ramped into place. For relocating around your plant facility it is easily hand trucked on its premium German made heavy duty castor wheels. The rear castors feature foot brakes for secure parking on sloped surfaces.
The machine's dimensions are a compact 1200mm long x 750mm wide x 1700mm high (with wheels fitted). This size is about as long as, but narrower than, an Australian timber skid pallet. A Maxi Vac 1035 will fit through all standard 800mm wide doorways. Also, inside all passenger or goods elevator lifts if required. 
Powerful Honda Engine      Can Vacuum directly into Steel Drums      Can use all 2 inch vacuum tools
10 Reasons why Maxi Vac 1540 is the right choice for your organisation
1.    Affordable pricing and the best value for dollar cost versus performance output.
2.    Powerful suction in a purposely compact package. 2011 model now has 20% more waterlift!
3.    Just as effective at cleaning as larger, heavier, much more expensive machines.
4.    Easy, self service modular parts design.
5.    Self energising, lightweight and portable. 
6.    Connectible to variety of material capture vessels - small or large.
7.    Uniquely capable of operating on Single Phase, Three Phase mains power or Petrol/Diesel Genset.
8.    Easy financing options for established companies.
9.    Excellent spare parts back up.
10. 12 Month parts and labour warranty.
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