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Maximizer CRM 'mission-critical' tool for service-based business

Supplier: Maximizer Software
31 July, 2012

Slate Personnel Ltd is a recruitment and personnel staffing company located in Edmonton, AB, providing clients in a variety of industries with quality candidates to fill roles in sales, manufacturing, legal, administrative, temporary and more.

Slate prides itself on its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Solution description

Slate has been utilising Maximizer CRM for over 15 years as its mission-critical tool to manage contacts – both clients and candidates – as well as to improve customer service, close more business and track productivity.


A long-time Maximizer CRM user, Slate has upgraded to newer versions over the years as the software continues to provide a solution that meets the unique needs of its service-based business.

Slate's business challenges

  • Mission-critical information needs to be shared and accessed easily
  • An extensive database of 18,000 contacts, consisting of clients, candidates and suppliers needs to be managed
  • A high volume of correspondence that requires sharing
  • Frequent meetings and tasks require reminders and tracking
  • Company documentation needs to be shared in a central repository
  • Progress on client files needs to be reported and reviewed for productivity


  • Manage customer database effectively
  • Automate workflow processes
  • Increase efficiency in accessing shared information
  • Improve communication with clients and candidates
  • Ensure security of confidential information


  • Online, automated contact management system has allowed for optimum access
  • Tracked correspondence has improved customer service
  • Automated appointments and tasks have increased productivity and new business
  • Central repository of information has streamlined workflow
  • Internally housed data has provided peace of mind for clients

Slate Personnel Ltd – 15 years with Maximizer® CRM

Since 1964, Slate Personnel, a full-service personnel staffing and recruitment firm, has connected clients in Edmonton and surrounding markets with a vast network of professional candidates.

Slate employs a dedicated team of 12 recruiters and administrators to serve clients in a variety of industries. They pride themselves on their extensive experience and vast labour market knowledge, to provide placement services to clients in roles such as technical, legal, administrative, sales, accounting, temporary and more.

By handling the majority of the administrative overhead associated with hiring a new employee, Slate Personnel saves their clients time and money.

Tailoring their searches to the exact needs of the hiring organisations, Slate places candidates quickly by cultivating and maintaining a skilled and diverse network from which to choose. Slate stands behind the quality of their placements and conducts quality control checks at regular intervals during the first 90 days of a placement to ensure customer satisfaction.

Slate has used Maximizer CRM for 15 years to develop and maintain a large database of clients and candidates. Chosen for its contact management capabilities, the CRM software has become central to how Slate performs their recruiting activities, manages their client accounts, and conducts their operational workflow.

Maximizer CRM - customer service, contact management, and business performance

Since the company's upgrade to Maximizer CRM 10 in 2009, the solution has continued to be a mission-critical tool for Slate. As a service-based business whose function is to connect people, Slate has become a power user of the contact management and business productivity functionality of Maximizer CRM.

Maximizer CRM provides Slate with an effective tool to manage their extensive database of contact information containing both client and candidate data.

Using Search Catalogues to access this data, Slate has customised a number of searches on candidate categories and backgrounds as well as client types and locations, giving all of Slate employees ready access to frequently used data profiles.

Slate uses the email templates to communicate effectively with their wide base of recruits, sending out bulk communications when filling positions.

Maximizer CRM is also a powerful workflow tool for Slate.

According to Jagat Pandya, agency manager at Slate Personnel: "Everything is tracked through Maximizer."

All correspondence is linked to the client or candidate, including emails with attachments and records of calls or meetings managed through the Calendar Module.

This allows the information to be stored and organised, making it accessible to the entire team.

As Slate's administrator of Maximizer CRM, Pandya describes how they also use Maximizer to improve the productivity of their recruiters in closing business.

"We track our people's activities through Maximizer. We store all activities such as daily calling involving placement or quality control checks, as well as appointments."

Activities are recorded and tracked through Notes and then reports are generated to monitor the performance of the recruiter and the progress of the team. Hotlists are used to generate tasks and reminders to trigger proactive account management and sales initiatives to close new business.

Slate also has an extensive Company Library, using it as the central repository for forms, training materials and other internal documentation critical to their operation.

Slate considers this a valuable module of the Maximizer solution and a time-saver in locating vital reference materials. The fact that this data is stored locally is a big advantage of Maximizer, according to Pandya, and one that has kept Slate a continued user of Maximizer CRM.

Future plans – improving automation and efficiency

Looking ahead, Slate would like to continue to use Maximizer CRM to further automate their work practices. According to Pandya, he sees even greater opportunity to use the CRM solution to move away from manual processes.

"I'm looking for more efficiency, and more tools to automate and track my work using Maximizer CRM," he said.