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Maximizer Mobile CRM gives SIGVARIS a leg up

Supplier: Maximizer Software
07 August, 2012

SIGVARIS focuses on the development, production, and distribution of medical compression garments, including hosiery and socks.

As the global leader in compression therapy products, SIGVARIS North America, a division of Switzerland-based Ganzoni & Cie., develops and markets its products to specialist physicians of veno-lymphatic diseases and medical device dealers.

With more than 700 employees internationally and 50 million compression support stockings sold to date, the SIGVARIS brand is characterised by an active market presence and commitment to improving the quality of life experienced by veno-lymphatic disease sufferers, which is why their corporate slogan is "Life for Legs".

The company is committed to ongoing support for the doctor, the user, and the specialist store in the prevention and treatment of venous disorders.

With more than 100 employees in the US, SIGVARIS recognised that the key to developing stronger relationships with its dealers, vascular surgeons and other specialist physicians who prescribe its product, is access to information.

To give its territory managers and customer support staff up-to-the minute access to physician and dealer information, the company went in search of a CRM system purpose-built to be used in the field by travelling sales and service professionals.


SIGVARIS' territory managers are high-performers that plan sales strategy, schedule activities and capture feedback almost completely on the road using a laptop and mobile smartphone device across 26 US territories.

With an average of six to 10 visits per day, the territory manager needed to document those visits at a hotel or home office for precise planning and follow-up.

Territory managers demanded the ability to see everything from a doctor's mailing address to last month's sales at a dealer, right in the palm of their hand, giving them a leg up in providing the best possible customer service to doctors and dealer representatives.

After a thorough review of comprehensive CRM solutions, SIGVARIS selected Maximizer CRM software, based on its robust mobile CRM offerings for its US and Canadian operations.

Within weeks, the company completed a successful five-user pilot of the system and implemented it enterprise-wide. The entire US sales force was live within two months, and the Canadian sales force went live soon thereafter.

"The sales team was adamant that its new CRM system be available on their mobile devices," said Joey Annan, President of Moonstone Technologies, the systems consulting firm that oversees the Maximizer CRM system at SIGVARIS.

"The sales force was extremely confident that mobile CRM would make their roles more productive and it was clear that any solution chosen had to be available on a handheld and ready for prime time."


SIGVARIS selected Maximizer's best-in-class CRM solution for the following reasons:

Maximizer CRM

Provides direct access to up-to-date client information via mobile devices, online, or Windows desktop and offers the ability to handle more clients with less time researching the last interaction

Precise forecasting with up-to-date information from salespeople in the field

Simple integration to SYSPRO ERP package for a 360 degree view of sales leads and customer interaction both with current prospects and operators

Maximizer Mobile CRM

Reduces staff downtime with access to customers, leads, opportunities and cases — in places where a laptop may not be convenient or practical

Increases customer face time by enabling unprecedented field productivity

Builds stronger dealer and physician relationships through sales reps knowing up-to date details before a meeting

Improves sales forecast accuracy through real-time updates from the field

Increases CRM usage rates with reduced administration to keep accurate customer and sales information

"Without a doubt, Maximizer Mobile CRM for Windows Mobile® devices has been a highly successful productivity tool for our mobile field team, as well as our service staff and R&D department," said Byron MacPhee, U.S. vice president of sales, SIGVARIS.

"Maximizer Mobile CRM gives the executive team a tremendous strategic advantage in having near real-time customer information fl owing in from the field, which ultimately allows SIGVARIS to remain a proactive customer service organisation."


With a 50 per cent reduction in implementation costs from the previous Lotus-Notes-based solution, Maximizer CRM critical benefits include:

Sales force efficiency – Sales reps spend signifi cantly less time documenting their work due to Maximizer CRM's ease of use, immediacy of CRM-enabled mobile devices, and centralisation of data for sales management.

As a result, less time is spent planning for calls and documenting post call follow-up. Management also can better coach territory managers and more precisely forecast sales.

As an example, through coaching, one sales rep below goal was able to increase their sales and achieve 110 percent of their goal by the end of the year. In 2008, all territory sales managers achieved their goals with the help of Maximizer Mobile CRM.

Data transparency – Maximizer CRM allows ERP data to be integrated into the sales person's view, pushing sales data to smartphones, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.

Now salespeople visit accounts knowing recent sales and trends over the past three months, in addition to their recent visit history.

Maximizer CRM data is ported nightly into the SIGVARIS data warehouse, which allows senior management to gain a high-level view through executive reports, without digging into the intricacies of each account.

Sales support effectiveness – With field requests and information being shared more efficiently, including product literature and samples, customer service staff can respond much more quickly, in turn making dealers, customers and sales reps happier.

Increased marketing productivity – Lisa Wells, North America product marketing manager, has derived value from Maximizer on the marketing side.

"Maximizer has also helped us to reduce our cost of marketing programs and improve our lead contact success rate by driving our marketing programs with verified data gathered by the field sales team," MacPhee said.

"It's like night and day for the SIGVARIS North American sales force after using Maximizer CRM and Maximizer Mobile CRM. We can directly attribute part of our territory managers' success to our CRM solution."