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MayTec meets challenging design requirements

Supplier: MayTec Australia
01 February, 2012

MayTec can design a range of trolley systems to suit individual requirements that allow for easy modification, upgrading and replacement of parts.

Clinical Technology Services of the NSW Northern Health Services had a predicament: "We need a flexible surgery trolley that we can be easily modified to suit equipment changes, repairs and even the replacement of parts."

"It must be light enough to wheel over lift wells and strong enough to travel from corridors to paved roads. It must also be clean to meet the highest surgical standards."

A challenging combination of requirements, to say the least.

The Maytec range of profiles offer an extensive range of 'clean room' profiles which can be combined with the unique connection system to provide a flexible solution for the hospital trolley. Each shelf is vertically adjustable with a simple hex key while components can unlock and 'slide' out if required.

The connection slots are hidden away from potential blood or fluid spills ensuring the cleaning of the trolley is simple and fast. The slots which accommodates the connection system also double as a panel retainers. CTS staff can access any equipment easily and still keep unqualified "hands out".