Meat Processing: dehumidifiers reduce condensation and bacteria growth

Supplier: Humiscope
12 November, 2020

Compulsory monitoring of humidity levels in processing plants and cold stores and an increased concern for public health has seen commercial dehumidifiers become essential tools.

Without some form of dehumidification, condensation will occur in cold room environments where meat is regularly processed. Condensation causes discomfort to employees and creates an ideal climate for contamination and bacterial growth.

Condensation and bacterial growth pose a particular problem in areas close to outside entrances where hot and cold air mingle and cause dips and rises in temperatures. Regulating temperature and moisture levels with dehumidification will create a steady indoor climate in cold processing and storage plants, which means:

  • Floors stay drier and are safer
  • The working environment is less hazardous and the air easier to breathe
  • Ceilings remain free of condensation
  • Bacterial growth is reduced
  • The premises dries quickly after cleaning
  • Less intensive cleaning is required


A frost and germ-free environment are essential for meat processing and storage to:

  • Avoid the proliferation of bacterial growth
  • Reduce condensation
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Improve product quality and appearance


Don’t risk bacterial growth, food contamination or workplace injuries. Humiscope has a range of commercial dehumidifiers available Australia Wide that will efficiently reduce relative humidity and create a safer working environment for your employees. Get in touch today for more information and advice on our commercial dehumidifiers.