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Meat Processing - HighTech Curing System - IR 28

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Getting started with HighTech curing.

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The curing centre IR 28 belongs to a completely novel machine generation and, equipped with a complete technology package, offers better injection results, easy of operation and perfect hygiene properties.

This machine not only saves a lot time but also achieves visibly better results with boil-cured goods.

The needle system

Everything works fully automatic, because programed power units switch from single needle- to needle-beam or cleaning-control.

Only the seldom occuring needle exchange has to be done manually, but even this is child’s play.

A novel lifting system prevents brine from entering into the lower lying area containing the drive units and smooth surfaces guarantee perfect hygiene.

The softer

The softer works simular to a steaker with unique angled knives, which create surgical cuts inside the meat structure and tendons after the injection.

This is how the tissue structure of the meat is loosened up and it activates the meat’s own softer Actomyosin.

This makes the meat more tender and improves the protein breakdown and the liquid retention. The softer is attached in next to no time and softens meat with or without bones.

The touch-pc

No matter what the product, the pc without keys synchronises six drive units precisely and in a split second in order to achieve the best curing result.

Changes are recognized very fast during the curing process, the machine is adjusted accordingly and all process parameters are documented.

The advanced software informs the operator, the computer in the office or, if desired, a mobile organizer about all datas of the process or the automatic cleaning cycle.

The cascade filter

A filter cartridge with a cascade structure collects all the particles which will not pass through the needles.

Even a fully charged filter allows enough brine to pass through, so that cleaning in between is unnecessary. The complete system is easily removed, cleaned and reinserted.

Everything else is fully automatic.

The two-pump system

A rotary and a hose pump supplement each other and use all advantages of the respective pump technology.

This makes it possible to keep the brine system relatively small in order to save brine. Furthermore the system can clean and drain itself, is protected against running dry and has a self priming-capacity of up to 10 metres.

The forward feed with rack drive

The precise transport of the product is achieved with a rack drive system as opposed to a conveyor belt. This system offers the best hygienic properties, because only 2 stationary parts have to be cleaned.

The open type support plate with it’s slits, through which the teeth of the rack drive move, guarantees that just about all brine-drips end up inside the machine for recycling.


  • Process-diagnostic system
  • Variable process speeds
  • Welded machine construction
  • Cleaning assistant
  • Touch-PC control
  • Single needle control
  • Centrifugal pump
  • Softer
  • CE und GS test certificate


  • Poultry accessories
  • Fish accessories
  • Connection to central processor