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Medallist Series

Supplier: GMI Water Solutions

Of all the water used in the home, only 1-2% is consumed for nutritional purposes.

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All the rest is used for many other household applications: in the bathroom, house cleaning, laundry, dish washing, heating and gardening.

Of all these water usages, only the latter can be performed with tap water: it is advisable to proceed with point of use treatment for all other uses so as to free the water from the number one enemy of heating appliances and internal piping: limestone.

Limestone causes scaling in the piping system, on boilers, on heating elements. Because of limestone scaling, energy bills skyrocket: each millimetre of limestone deposit causes a 7% increase in energy requirement.

Housekeeping is more burdensome with limestone deposits: the ugly streaks on toilet bowls and sinks require time and hard work to be removed.


  • Electronic controller
  • Time—clock or volumetric regeneration (also with self- disinfection]
  • Power Valve: 3/4
  • Cullex Resin: 10 litres
  • Underbed Cullsan: 4.5 kg
  • Power feed: 24V/50Hz
  • Electrical consumption minimum/max: 3W/ 35W