Media E-Fulfilment Service

Supplier: Media Movers
23 January, 2009

The internet has given rise to a new range of sales channels, from e-commerce stores and auction sites to affiliate schemes and SEM.

However you sell online we can integrate our business with yours to manufacture, deploy and deliver your products to one recipient or many. We can track your orders, notify customers via e-mail of ETA’s and relieve your space concerns by storing all excess stock in our secure warehouse.

Main Applications

• Outsource your media jobs to us, we deliver to your client with neutral or custom packing.
• We take your online, telephone or mail orders and ship to multiple customers.
• Make use of our AUS post approved disc mailers for lower cost shipping for single discs.
• Store your stock in our warehouse for future deliveries.
• We can setup, design, host and manage a full e-commerce solution, take your credit card payments and deliver stock directly to your customer with an invoice and online tracking. All without you lifting a finger!
• Design and maintain a on-demand supply gateway for your businesses stock. Order exact amounts when you need it, with no excess cluttering up the office.
• Manage your subscription service.
• Build your customer database for future use.


• Minimise costs during quiet periods.               
• On demand stock control
• Full tracking via online systems               
• Credit card processing of your customers cards
• No need to carry stock on your premises           
• Automated delivery of your products
• Secure warehousing protects mission critical stock.       
• B2C and B2B packages available

Our smart service takes the strain and pain out of the accounting, logistics and administration involved with running successful campaigns and customer order fulfillment. The cleaver people will realize that what profits and margins are lost initially, will be more than made up for in time and resource savings that equate to long term profit. More time to you means you can get on with the important things, like selling your products. 80% of a successful businesses time and resources should go into selling, if you are dedicating less time than this you need to call us.

Why Choose Media Movers?
We take projects like yours from creation to delivery every single day, its second nature to us. We have over 30 years of combined experience in the multi-media field and will guarantee to give you the highest quality product for the lowest industry price, in the fastest time possible. This is why nearly all of our customers come back to us time and time again. When experience counts.......count on us.

Call one of our friendly consultants on 02 9699 9933 today to discuss your needs further, and get a free tailored quote.

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