Meeting today's hardest drilling challenges

Supplier: SMENCO
07 June, 2013

Castolin Eutectic's development work to resolve complex wear phenomena in the oil and gas industry has resulted in a new and innovative range of hardbanding products to greatly increase drilling production.

New hardbanding technology was requested by industry to cope with increasing well depths and the high cost of failure.

Directional drilling and extended-reach drilling (ERD) have exerted unprecedented torque and drag force on the drill pipe – Castolin Eutectic's hardbanding technology and expertise has enabled the drilling industry to exceed all previous stress limit levels on both the casing and drilling string.

What is hardbanding? Hardbanding is the wearfacing welding process used in drilling to protect drilling assets while minimising wear on casing and drilling tool joints in order to reduce operational costs especially in the oil and gas industry.

It involves the application of a wearfacing material on the drill tool joint. The process is performed by approved hardbanding applicators for OEM drill pipe producers and drilling companies.

Hardbanding has long been seen as an effective means of preventing tool joint wear. During the 1990s, tungsten carbide-based hardbanding was in widespread use and was determined to be the primary cause of casing wear.

However the absence of hardbanding, while slowing casing wear to a small degree, allowed the tool joints to wear at an accelerated rate, lessening the torsional capacity of the drill pipe and putting drilling operations at risk.

Previous casing friendly alloys reduced casing wear, but produced unacceptable tool joint wear as a consequence.

Crack prone design flaws were also present, as widespread cracking of the alloy material often ensued. This caused catastrophic tool joint failure and in some cases, even the failure of the hardbanding itself, due to tool joint spalling.

The challenge for Castolin Eutectic was to develop a balanced solution between both casing wear defence and tool joint protection, which is caused by the worsening conditions associated with highly deviated ERD wells.

Hardbanding for:

  • Oil and Gas Drilling
  • Optimised Performance
  • Crack Free Design
  • Casing Friendly
  • Optimised Tool Wear Resistance
  • Flexible Rebuild Design

Industry solutions include:

  • Low casing wear determined by Mohr T-95 testing which is well within industry limits
  • Highly durable and wear resistant, protecting the tool joint
  • Crack-resistant, preventing cracking in the material and tool joint
  • Spalling-resistant metallurgical compatibility
  • Material is easy to reapply without special prep or pre-conditioning

OTW-12Ti is a proprietary, gas shielded, flux cored alloy wire specifically developed for hardbanding of drilling pipe tool-joints. The high quality protective alloy weld deposit is designed to give a non-cracking, smooth surface with low friction properties.

Wear resistance performance in open hole situations qualifies among the best on the market with lowest casing-wear properties. This alloy may be cost-effectively reapplied over itself to refurbish worn drill pipes after drilling operations.

It is only necessary to ensure that the base material and old OTW-12Ti coating are free of any physical defects and that safe dimension tolerances are retained.

During development of the OTW range, Castolin Eutectic constructed its own, unique hardbanding C-Wear testing machines. As a result of this extensive testing procedure and high quality manufacturing processes, all Castolin Eutectic OTW products have NS1 certification – mandatory for the oil and gas industry.

The OTW range includes:

  • 10SS – the new standard for Sour Gas, casing friendly wire that's easy to weld
  • 16XS – the casing friendly leader in 'all-purpose' non cracking design wires ideal in advanced drilling operations
  • 12Ti – best in its class with tough all-round hardness, where combined open and case hole wear performance counts
  • 13CF – outstanding casing wear resistance against current industry standards with exceptional tool performance

In Australia, Castolin Eutectic products are distributed by SMENCO Pty Ltd.