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Metal and material cutting capabilities

Supplier: Laser Trak
16 November, 2011

Laser Trek's objective is to offer their customers quality laser cutting and water jet cutting capabilities and expertise to produce a fast turn-around, versatility and flexibility while still maintaining efficiency in our processes.

Laser Cutting Capabilities:

  • Maximum cutting size 3000 x 1500mm
  • Smooth edge to 12mm Thick  Mild Steel / Stainless Steel / Hardened Steel
  • Wood/MDF Up to 50mm with a blackened edge.
  • Acrylics/Plastics up to 25mm.
  • Exotic materials Test cut would be required prior to cutting (eg: ceramics, rubber, and composites)
  • Aluminium Up to 8mm.

Water Jet Capabilities:

  • Maximum Cutting Size is 6000 x 3000
  • Unlimited range of materials up to 100mm in thickness, depending on quality and composition of the material.
  • Metals - Mild and Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Titanium and non-ferreous metals.
  • Ceramics/ Glass / Stone including Granite and Marble.
  • Fiber reinforced systhetics, including carbon and glass-fibre-reinforced plastics.
  • Plastics including Thermoplastics and Duroplastics.
  • Hard and soft foam
  • Insulating and Isolating materials
  • Sandwich and Structurals materials.
  • Wood / Paper / Cardboard
  • Sealing Materials including rubber and fibre-based laminates.

CNC Bending:

  • 100 Tones capacity
  • Up to 6mm thickness
  • 3.6Mts long.

Other Services: Laser Marking / Countersinking.

Please ask our sales department by calling (02) 9756 6566 or email Laser Trek using the form below.