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Metal Plating - Chrome Plating of Alloy Car Wheels

Supplier: A Class Metal Finishers

Save hundreds by letting A Class chrome your existing Alloys for you

Price Guide (Inc GST): POA

In addition to chrome plating or restoration of many other automotive chrome components ‘A Class’ is now able to provide a service to CHROME PLATE ALLOY CAR WHEELS.

This is a real plus for restorers who are otherwise faced with the high cost of purchase for a new set of chrome wheels.

Now, drivers will be able to own a set of gleaming chrome wheel rims for a fraction of the cost of a new set. Such a service has not been readily available to car enthusiasts previously.

No longer will there be a need to do high maintenance to keep polished alloys looking reasonable. The added benefit of this service is that those who do happen to purchase new chrome alloys now also have somewhere to go to have their wheels restored if, for example they suffer scrapes or scratches (such as gutter scrapes).

Most new Chrome rims on offer these days start at 17” rims. This means you not only have to fork out for the rims but new low profile tyres as well. This can set you back as much as $3000 or more for the set. Contrast that with quality chrome plating of your existing alloy rims from just $960 per set of four and put your tyres back on.

Hand In Hand – Quality & Price

Our customers determine the quality standard to be achieved. It saves your money and our time. If you show your bike or vehicle you will probably want the "A Class" standard which is our standard for show or concourse quality.

For this we will 'work our butts off' to ensure you get the best possible finish. But if you just want a basic chrome finish for your garage door handle then you'd probably select the "A 1" standard. This is your "basic good job".

We won't bust our boilers over it and you'll get the finish you want at a lower price. For those jobs that are 'somewhere in between' we have our "A +" standard.

Other factors that will influence price are:

  • The condition of the item (corrosion, pitting, etc),
  • The size
    • The bigger they are the more space they take in a plating load but the less time to wire or jig
  • Shape of the item
    •  The more complex the shape the more complex the preparation or
  • Dents & Scratches.

Rest assured that we always do our utmost to give you the best price possible by determining the most efficient methods of operation and helping you determine the standard you require.

For your information, below is a summary of our restoration service standards

Restoration Standards:

In our endeavours to provide the best service to meet your needs and avoid common confusion regarding quality and price, A Class has a quotation structure based on the size, shape, complexity, condition and plating specification of the item and also the customers desired standard of finish or use.

Each Standard will attract a different level of pricing. Obviously the better the job, the more time, skill and effort is required.

The Standards:

  • A Class  Show or Concourse Quality
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed.
    • We will make it as good as it can be 
  • A+  Standard High Quality Finish
    • Highly polished.
    • May have very small imperfections depending on the quality of the base material to start with. 
  • A1  A Basic Good Job
    • A basic polish after stripping prior to plating.

Please note: Unless nominated otherwise, jobs will be processed to the ‘ A+ ’ standard.

Repairs & other special preparations priced separately