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Metal Polishing (& Other Pre-Treatments)

Supplier: A Class Metal Finishers

Metal Polishing can be a preliminary surface treatment (part of the preparation for plating) or a stand alone treatment (e.g. polished brass, alloy or stainless steel).

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Metal preparation (polishing or other) can be critical to the success of any metal finishing project. Other pre-treatments can include: metal stripping (e.g. of old plating, paint or rust - usually in relation to restoration projects) and, vapour degreasing (to remove oil and grease prior to plating), bead blasting, or various other treatments.

Benefits of Metal Polishing: Without proper preparation the results required will not be delivered in the final finish. A Class has extensive experience in preparation of many substrates and product types

Applications of Metal Polishing: Examples of items requiring polishing prior to plating -: tapware, automotive chrome parts, alloy wheels, - in fact - wherever a smooth, blemish free surface finish is required, pre- polishing is likely to be necessary.

Substrates suited to this treatment: All metals and alloys. Polishing of moulded ABS plastics is not required prior to plating. Some cast metal products will benefit from heavy build copper coating as part of the preparation phase in order to seal casting impurities (especially where high quality finish is required).

Design Cautions: Be sure to provide clear instructions to your metal finisher regarding which surfaces of your product are seen or hidden. Cost can be saved by focussing main attention on seen surfaces. It will also be necessary to be as clear as possible about the sort of surface quality you expect in the finished product - polishing is one of those treatments that "the more you do the better it looks" but can become very costly if overdone. For each product and desired outcome there is an optimum level of pre-treatment. A good metal finishing adviser can help you find it.