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Metallurgical Applications

Supplier: Outotec
13 March, 2009

Metallurgical industries are concerned with removing metals from ores and refining and alloying them to produce suitable inputs for a number of industrial processes.

Extractive metallurgy utilises chemical processing at high temperature or in solution to convert minerals from inorganic compounds to useful metals and other materials.

This processing requires many solid liquid separation steps utilising a range of filtration equipment. The type of filtration equipment required depends upon the particle size, shape and process requirements.


  • Copper Smelters
  • Copper Refinery
  • Nickel Refinery
  • Zinc Refinery
  • Lead Refinery
  • Cobalt Refinery
  • Precious Metals Refinery
  • Stainless Steel Plant
  • Steel Plant
  • Aluminium Refining