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Metaltex, A Technology Success Story

Supplier: Acra Machinery
08 March, 2007

With humble beginnings in 1979, Metaltex has progressed into one of Victoria’s leading boutique sheetmetal manufacturers.

Founded by John Pieterson in order to become his own boss, Metaltex owned no machinery; everything was made by hand.  The company set up shop in Union Rd and steadily increased in size and performance and added to their repertoire of skills and product lines.  Metaltex past exploits hand included a series of custom electric cars for various applications, some pretty unique BBQs and they manufactured and fit the entire bar and galley arrangement for the bar “Cookie” in Melbourne.  Their current workload includes customers from the Pharmaceutical industry, Truck and Trailer manufacturers, Council projects, Diesel tanks and a plethora of general sheetmetal.  Some of these customers have been with Metaltex since its inception.

As all proud Father’s hope, Metaltex is now being run by John’s two sons, Daniel and Sean.  Both are “A” Grade sheetmetal workers and display their skills through their hands on approach to the business.  It’s not unusual to see them in the factory leading by example.  A large part of the success of Metaltex is their unfaltering dedication to absolute quality.  Strict quality controls at all parts of the process ensure that their customers receive exactly what they want.  Their recent growth has been largely attributed to this drive for quality.

The staff level at Metaltex has seen a recent surge due to a massive workload increase.  Several of their large customers came to Metaltex after prior suppliers were not delivering the required quality and were not meeting deadlines.  The workforce actually tripled in the last 18 months, a true reflection of the outstanding work performed.

In August of 2005, Metaltex purchased their first Durma machine.  A 200mm x 4mm variable angle notcher.  6 months later the purchase of three more Durma machines, a 4 metre, 160 tonne NC Press Brake. 3 metre, 80 tonne CNC press brake and a 4 metre, 6mm Swing Beam guillotine further strengthened their position.

Now 2 years on, almost to the day since the notcher was installed, Metaltex have added yet another Durma Press Brake to their ranks.  A new series AD-S Synchro CNC press brake with X/R backgauge and LazerSafe guarding.  This machine is the latest from Durma and features the Cybelec ModEva10s graphical interface.

A new turret punch is also currently being installed, allowing Metaltex to prepare it’s own blanks for folding.  In-house blank processing allows Metaltex to control both the quality and lead time of parts.

These two new purchases come hot on the heels of Metaltex’s major relocation.  Moving from their original Union Road location into the new estate on Micro Circuit in Dandenong.

In the constant push for further capabilities, Metaltex have invested in 3D design software allowing them to provide not only the end product, but the detail design of the product also.  The idea need only be sketched and Metaltex can produce it.  This allows Metaltex to develop a more personal relationship with their customers leading to more a more rewarding experience for both parties.

Not content to rest, Metaltex are aiming for full ISO9001 accreditation but the end of this year. 

This constant striving for improvement is reaping tangible rewards for Metaltex through Quality, reliability and a strict code of ethics.

You can view Metaltex’s website at http://www.metaltexaustralia.com.au/

Metaltex are a true Technology Success Story.