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Supplier: Arrow Scientific

The DiCromat Salt Analyser provides food processors with a rapid method to monitor levels of salt in food product having salt included as a preservative or as a flavouring.

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The DiCromat salt meter enables product monitoring to be conducted in the production area for dynamic quality assessment by non-technical operatives. Frequent testing will enable a consistent quality product to be produced with sufficient salt for its taste and preservative qualities, but ensure that excessive salt does not result in waste of product or consumer dissatisfaction.

The DiCromat can be used in analytical or production quality assurance laboratories as a rapid non-subjective measurement of salt in a wide range of food products.

Besides maintaining the salt level, this instrument can assure you of proper blending of your product. When blended well, the salt is distributed evenly and the DiCromat is a guide to the uniformity in monitoring in using the instruments digital readout.

The DiCromat is calibrated for sodium chloride using standard reference Mohr, or Volhard, chemical colorometric or potentiometric titration methods. The calibration eliminates the effect of other conducting ions in the solution and is retained in memory as a set point. The product set-points are easily recalled with a few keystrokes by the operator.

The DiCromat II - 6 Salt Analyser provides up to 6 calibrated product set-points for ease of operator recall and the DiCromat II - 24 Salt Analyser provides up to 24 calibrated product set-points.

The DiCromat IIA Salt Analyser measures a full range of salt levels, with automatic temperature compensation, from 0.1% to over 26% by weight without dilution. The unit can read up to 100% salt with a variable dilution factor.

Results can be displayed as follows:

  • Percent Salt (A)
  • Degrees Salometer (S)
  • Conductivity (K)
  • Molar Concentration (M)
  • Concentration (Cs)

Key benefits include:

  • Provides for storage in memory of twenty-four (24) sets of calibration and operational parameters
  • Fast, accurate, reliable, and easy to use
  • Eliminates the need for slow, costly titration analysis

Dip-In Probe for the DiCromat II or IIA Salt Analyser: the dip-in non-contact probe can be immersed directly into the sample preparation beaker to make a measurement. It is encased in epoxy, which eliminates any direct contact of the sensors to the fluid. The probe cable and 18-pin male connector attach dirrectly to the 18-pin female connector on the back of the DiCromat II.

Flow-through Probe for the DiCromat II or IIA Salt Analyser: the Flow-through probe and base-mounted stack allow for stationary sample testing. The flow-through pipe uses 2 titanium circular electrodes located inside the pipe. It can be connected to the instrument in the same manner as the dip-in probe.

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