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Microlatch are leaders in the design, manufacture and distribution of cost-effective biometrics security and radio frequency (RF) technologies. The combination of biometrics and RF offers unparalleled simplicity and flexibility. In addition, combination with existing security infrastructure and access systems enables card or credential holder identification with our latest release BIOFOB (BIOmetrics keyFOB) and CCF (combination card and finger) solutions, a new dimension in uniquely identifying the person, rather than the credential or PIN being used!

Microlatch has created and patented KeyFob systems utilising wireless applications for both short range badging and long range RF secure rolling code transmission, electro-mechanical door access systems, plus offers packaged shrink wrap security products for retail and wholesale distribution.

Combination card and finger biometrics devices communicate down any existing, standard wiegand or magnetic stripe 'wired' interface, in series with the card reader or payment terminal - utilising the local power source. All products developed are compatible with industry standard interfaces, plus employ the latest security transmission techniques to ensure anti-grab encryption & non-replayable data messaging.

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Microlatch was established in Australia specifically to create a unique range of security products from our patented technology under the trade marks "Microlatch" and "BIOFOB". Since inception, the Microlatch Group has concentrated its expertise on the design, quality manufacture and worldwide marketing and distribution for a range of RF (radio frequency) Wireless Biometrics combinations. The main theme of these developments has been to offer simple and effective transition from non-secure access card or PIN (Personal Identification Number) security systems into biometrics identification of the individual. Microlatch works with global partners to upgrade, upsell or enhance traditional access / login systems to overcome several inherent weaknesses.The future direction of the company will continue to focus on tranistionary technological solutions, combining automation technologies that feature cost-effective biometrics, such as fingerprint technology, with Remote RF KeyFobs and Wireless Access Wall Mounted RF readers. The result of this integration strategy is to completely remove the requirement for communications cables whilst offering simplicity of system operation and management, plus ensuring that the battery source powers the products for extended and prolonged periods.

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