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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Supplier: Masternaut Three X

Imagine increasing your sales opportunities and improving customer loyalty by simply harnessing the power of the customer data your business collects every day. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help your business do just that.

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This fully customisable application will help you build a clear picture of each customer, from first contact, through to their buying history and current status. It enables you to use this information to target sales better, improve relationships and cross-sell, inevitably achieving new levels of profitability.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft® applications to help improve your sales conversion, increase customer retention and help your business remain at the forefront of your sector.

Customer Relationship Management ensures you organise and use your current customer data in a much more effective way.

Improving the effectiveness of your sales pipeline and improving customer satisfaction and retention Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you work with a clear view of your prospect or customer in mind and helps you respond faster and more accurately using real-time data.

Masternaut Three X can implement Microsoft® Dynamic CRM as Shared CRM, Dedicated CRM or On-site CRM. Whatever you choose, you’ll notice the benefits instantly.

Shared CRM hosting, enables the Masternaut Three X team to host, manage and maintain Microsoft Dynamics CRM from our highly secure data centres. Other businesses will also have access to the same underlying infrastructure, while your data is only viewable by you. This results in a highly economical approach that offers outstanding performance.

Dedicated CRM hosting, provides your business with its own dedicated application, configured to a specification that meets your business needs.

Masternaut Three X and its team will host, manage and maintain Microsoft Dynamics CRM from our highly secure data centres. Here you’ll have the benefit of a secure, more customisable application with a greater level of control.

On-site CRM hosting allows your business to enjoy all of the benefits of a fully managed, administrated system while being situated on your own business premises. This has the advantage of sitting within the confines of your own firewall.

As well as implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM into your business Masternaut Three X is also able to offer secure hosting in our state of the art data centres.

Our technical teams provide 24/7 support to ensure maximum uptime and built-in robust disaster recovery provisions with automatic back-up, redundant servers and data replication offer complete peace of mind that your business critical information is protected with maximum security.

Regardless of your size or sector Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be tailored to your business needs. This means a completely future proofed solution that can be scaled up or down.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Increased sales-cycle productivity through centralised, co-ordinated processes.
  • More effective marketing campaigns through intelligent marketing tools to focus your effort.
  • Improved resource management and co-ordination of services through centralised scheduling.
  • High levels of acceptance resulting from a familiar Microsoft user interface.
  • An efficient solution customised to your specific needs from a team that understands your business.