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Microwave Leakage Detector - Test and Tag

Supplier: Cool Tech Testers

This item is part of our new line for 2009, and it is a digital microwave leakage detector, used to detect microwave leakage accurately, even at low volumes. Ask yourself if eggs explode in the microwave oven, what happens to your brain when radiation leaks out ?

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Microwave Leakage Detector - Test and Tag

Have you ever watched up close as your leftovers heated in a microwave oven? Has your child? How much body penetrating microwave radiation do you think you took in? Would you like to know before you do it again?

Microwave oven leakage is serious business. Every year millions of children, pregnant women, and people of all ages stand too close to an operating microwave oven, exposing themselves to dangerous levels of body penetrating microwave radiation.

Microwave radiation is known to cause cataracts, birth defects, cancer and other serious health problems. Warning labels are included in every oven owner's manual. The FDA takes the problem so seriously, it has set legal limits on the amount of leakage permitted. Check your oven at home, at work, at school!

This tester can also be used for appliance testing to confirm the electrical safety of an appliance or a microwave emitting device, such as a mobile telephone.

This item, like all our testers is CE certified and easy to use for monitoring leakage effectively to give you the peace of mind that your family are safe from the harmful effects of microwave radiation. This is an excellent product, which has become one of our best sellers.


  • LCD digital display
  • Leakage volume in dangerous zone has visual and audible warning
  • Low leakage volume display for normal warning
  • Smart engineering for use in either hand
  • Never needs calibrating
  • Long battery life under normal use
  • High precision instrument with reliability
  • Bleeper sounds at levels over 5mW/cm2

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