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Mid-Comp International Pty Ltd

Mid-Comp International Pty Ltd | Business Software

Mid-Comp International Pty Ltd

Mid-Comp International's primary focus and competitive advantage has been the development of world class business software which takes full advantage of emerging technologies.

Operational since 1998, Mid-Comp’s Research and Development Centre located in Melbourne, Australia, was commissioned to evolve emerging technologies into commercial realities.

The current emphasis is on architectures and mechanisms which facilitate internet delivered business transactions, concentrating on those which can demonstrate a genuine application in the Supply Chain business community.

Mid-Comp International enjoys strategic relationships with IBM on several levels, and these are continually evolving and expanding along with our business diversity.

The company has established itself as a credible member of the Application Software industry by identifying niche market opportunities, with the world class Odyssey (enterprise) & Stockman (SME) Intelligent Supply Chain software packages as their latest examples.

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In today's highly competitive market, increased sales are no longer enough to ensure profitability. Although most wholesale distributors are not losing money, they are less profitable than they once were. Wholesale distributors are continually engaging with both customers and suppliers to control costs and to retain their partnership position as middlemen in the supply chain.

Change seems dramatic, but in such an evolving economic climate how do you stay competitive?

A key to controlling such a volatile environment lies in Supply Chain management. Increasing Supply Chain efficiencies can provide a true competitive edge by allowing distribution to be faster, more accurate, and far more cost effective. A successful supply chain depends on all of the processes working in harmony.

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