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Millison Technology

Millison Technology | Electronics Design & Manufacture

Millison Technology

Millison Technology is an electronics design and manufacture company that is committed to providing quality service to its clients.

Millison's commitment is to provide a service where our clients can dependably obtain high quality locally produced product that is professionally designed, manufactured, documented and supported.

Millison Technology was founded in 1990 by three engineers, originally to serve companies that required electronic engineering support for their engineering departments.

Over time Millison’s staff levels have expanded and we provide a full set of design, manufacture and assembly services to the electronics industry.

Millison Technology looks to provide a valuable one stop service to its clients from product concept, through prototyping and into full scale manufacture and support.

Millison Technology has an ongoing commitment to the highest quality, where quality is measured directly by the satisfaction of our clients.

We provide the following services -

- Electronics Assembly
- PTH to SMT conversion
- PCB Design Services
- Hardware Design
- Firmware Design
- Software Design

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