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Milspec Manufacturing design and development

Supplier: Milspec Manufacturing
25 January, 2012

Milspec Manufacturing has a Research and Development team, offering a range of electronic and mechanical design skills.

The project management team will take your product from the inception of the idea, through the research and prototyping stage, to full production and post production test and analysis.

We have been involved in developing a large range of new products like the key monitor system, gas monitoring unit, a portable soil testing unit in addition to the development of the Milspec Manufacturing High Reliability Alternators. We work in close partnership with our customers to achieve the end product that meets their unique requirements.


Milspec Manufacturing has a fully integrated test capability.

Our environmental test chamber can test and soak equipment to temperatures of between minus 40 and 180 Degrees Celsius.

We have a fully shielded radio test area to ensure none of the testing interferes with anyone else's equipment.

We can measure the texture of your machined surfaces and test just how hard the material is, while our Coordinate Measuring Machine will make sure that the fit is perfect.

Our extensive range of test equipment can ensure that your electronics are performing exactly as designed.

We can even calibrate your measuring and test equipment for use in your own premises.