Mineral Insulated pyro cable – fire survival cable

11 April, 2014

Pyro cable (mineral-insulated) , provides the ideal solution for fire protection.

Uses include: emergency back-up power supply systems, emergency equipment, and fire alarm systems.

In the event of a fire, electrical power and communications is preserved for critical, life safety circuits.

Distributed in Australia by Pyrosales, Pyro MICC (mineral-insulated) cable is a permanent and dependable wiring cable system for low and medium voltage applications.

It is safe for use in hazardous installations and radioactive environments. Pyro MI cable consists of a copper sheath and conductors, with a mineral insulator.

The cable can continue to carry current at temperatures in excess of 1000°C.

If there is a fire it is essential that safety mechanisms continue to operate. By using MI Cable, services including fire pumps, smoke extraction fans, emergency lighting, exit signs and voice communication systems continue uninterrupted.

Why risk using just a Fire Rated Cable when you can have the security of using a Fire Survival Cable? Is life worth that risk?