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Mini Loader - Dingo K9-4 Industrial

Supplier: Dealquip

Mini Loader, Dingo K9-4 Industrial machines are the only mini skid tailored specifically for challenging industrial environments, mines, processing plants, saw mills and the like.


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Mini Loader - Dingo K9-4 Industrial

The Dingo K9-4 Industrial machine now represents one of the safest and most productive alternatives to the hazardous cleanup work that could only previously be done by hand.

The Dingo K9-4 Industrial operates an extensive range of specialised Dingo attachments.

Features & Benefits of Mini Loader, Dingo K9-4 Industrial

  • Catalytic Converter
    • Reduces hazardous emissions to allow the machine to work in confined spaces.
  • Lighting
    • Front and rear lighting allows safe work in poorly lit environments.
  • Horn & Reversing Beeper
    • Improved safety for other workers on site.
  • Rotating Beacon & Reflective Tape
    • Allows better visibility of the machine.
  • Adaptability
    • Whether you require buckets or trenchers, levellers or forks, the Dingo can be easily adapted.
  • Patented Cast Steel Chassis
    • K9-4 Industrial unique Cast Steel chassis is not only the strongest in its class, but the innovative design allows a huge 27HP engine to be fitted into an envelope small enough to get to the most confined work sites.
  • 970mm - 790mm Machine Width
    • When fitted with a narrow access kit the K9-4 Industrial measures just 790mm wide, making it one of the few mini diggers on the market that can fit through a standard doorway.
  • 1.835m Lift Height
    • The K9-4 Industrial has an impressive lift height that will allow you to load most small trucks.
  • 325kg SWL
    • The K9-4 Industrial's Safe Working Load of 325kg allows it to carry the full range of industrial attachments. (SWL is rated at 50% of what the machine is capable of lifting).
  • AWD System
    • Dingo's All Wheel Drive system means power to each wheel and no drive chain maintenance.
  • Marine Grade Aluminium Body Panels
    • Rust resistant, can take plenty of punishment and still protect your valuable investment. The panels can be removed easily giving you full access to the engine and hydraulics systems, making servicing a breeze.
  • 2 Pump Hydraulic System
    • A standard feature on all Dingos is the unique "Tandem Pump" hydraulic system which improves oil efficiency, directs the flow and power to where they are needed most, and prolongs duty cycle, enabling the Dingo to work for extended periods.
  • 3400psi Hydraulic Relief Pressure
    • The K9-4 Industrial's industry leading hydraulic relief pressure means that no other mini digger can drive attachments with the same power.
  • 4 Hydraulic Outlets
    • This standard feature means the K9-4 Industrial can power many attachments including Stump Grinders, Block Splitters etc.
  • Sealed Roller Bearings
    • The K9-4 Industrial encompasses sealed roller bearings and Teflon bushes in the joints for a low maintenance, no mess joint.
  • 27HP Diesel Engine
    • The K9-4 Industrial comes standard fitted with the latest tier 3 low emission diesel engine.
  • Serviceable Hydraulic Tank
    • Access to the hydraulic tank on all Dingo models, allows the hydraulic system to be thoroughly cleaned in the manufacture process, and ease of accessibility to the internal systems.
  • DataDot Theft Prevention System
    • Tiny dots laser-etched with a unique number which is sprayed onto the Dingo. The random number is tracked on the Data Dot system.


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