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Mining / Cement / Aggregates Consulting - How We Work

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Central to our thinking in any project we carry out is “how can we add value to the client’s business"

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We Add Value To Your Business

We actively work with you and your team to correctly identify hidden value and business opportunities and then facilitate the process of making them a reality.

In addition to this, we continue to work with you after the initial project is carried out to audit the results achieved and help ensure that they are sustained.

We Work With You As Part Of Your Team

When we carry out a project for you, we work with you as a part of your team.

Critical to successful outcomes is the ability to quickly and reliably gain the trust of your staff and integrate with them.

We regard the communication skills we bring to our assignments as one of our most important assets, as only through effective communication can we truly understand your needs and get to the bottom of complex issues.

Likewise, these same skills are essential in ensuring that we can effectively communicate to you what we have found and the best ways forward.

We professionally deal with any external parties that our projects may require (e.g. other consultants, government departments etc) and ensure that we act as reliable and effective ambassadors for your business.

We Create Realistic, Workable Solutions

Results and advice are only as valuable to you as they can be implemented. We are focused on ensuring that the recommendations and ideas we come up with for your business add value and are realistically achievable.

At every step of the consulting process, we actively work to gain the agreement and participation of your staff to ensure that the recommendations we make have ‘buy in’ and are appropriate for your business.

We Work Toward Your Best Interests

We take your interests and confidentiality seriously and put in place measures to ensure that what you tell us stays with us.
We don’t work for competing businesses in the same market and actively ensure that where there is any possibility of a conflict of interest, we will contact you in relation to this before we enter into agreements with other parties.

We Think Long-Term

We actively work to create effective relationships and look to the longer term in what we do.
In doing so, we come to deeply understand your business, facilitating the transfer of best practice within the business units that we contact and importantly, reducing your costs as a result of this familiarity with your operations, strategies and people.

  • The Consulting Process
    • Understanding your needs We make sure that we understand what it is you need and want from us before we start the assignment – this ensures that we don’t waste your time and money.
    • Managing the assignment We cost and manage our projects using project management methodology to ensure that at any given time, we can tell you how the project is proceeding in terms of time and budget so that you don’t get any nasty surprises.
    •  Delivering the outcomes Findings are checked with business unit managers before the report goes final to ensure “buy-in” before the report goes final — we do this to ensure that what we recommend is realistic for your business and is likely to be achieved.