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Mining / Cement Consulting - Budgeting

Supplier: KRC Mining Consultants

The answer is to apply sophisticated, proven tools that enable you to identify "roadblocks" and cost blowouts before they can impact on your operations

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The special thing about these models is that they are event driven.

For example, they can accurately predict the maintenance required for each machine in the fleet and show the actual period the expenditure will occur, not just a $/hour cost.

Not only will you gain detailed cost prediction, you will know logistics data such as the number of tires required, spare parts, fuel, explosives, capital and labour.


 Documented, effective mine forecasting systems that integrate mine scheduling, equipment maintenance and mine budgeting.


 KRC employs two world-class tools for the Budgeting Service. First, an advanced mine scheduling system using Xpac is built.

The scheduling models built using this software can accurately simulate mining operations, stockpiling and predict material grade and tonnes, as well as the mining equipment required to extract it.

It is simple to apply different grade or chemistry constraints against the model and gain realistic productivity predictions, as well as ensure that there is adequate knowledge of fleet resources.

Pre-strip requirements are identified ahead of time, rather than as a panicked need to employ contractors.

The second step is the build up of a detailed, Zero Based Budgeting model of the operation using Xeras Budgeting software.

Our budget models are reliable and auditable and accord with strong governance standards.

Where required, our forecasting systems can be integrated with your ERP systems for increased flexibility.