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Mining Safety Equipment - Air Scrubber

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Convert your refuge or crib room quickly & easily with this (48 hour) fully stand alone fit in.

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The Refresh 48 is a self contained system that is designed to provide oxygen at controlled rates and to remove toxic gases from air in an enclosed or confined space. The system is powered by 240 Volt and has an inbuilt battery backup. It can run for a 48 hour period without mains power connected.


Purpose built and made from fully welded powder coated steel.


48hour “Shairzal Refresh Air 48IOX” Carbon Dioxide scrubber unit. This requires 2 “G” size Oxygen cylinders for 10 people and 4 “G” Size oxygen cylinders for 15 to 20 people.


Our rebreather has a unique 3 fan design that will provide between 2-3 full air changes per hour based on an area of 20 cubic Meters. This design also provides additional safeguard in the event of fan failure (which is extremely unlikely).


The ionizing system produces positively and Negatively charged Oxygen atom ions, this system reduces Bacteria, mould, odors, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Enhances lung efficiency. This technology does not produce “OZONE”.

Room air is enriched when these clusters interact with the stale air in the room. The higher energy ions and molecules start immediately to disinfect the air (kill bacteria) and neutralize odors without resorting to harmful means such as ultra violet and chemical additives or introduction of ozone

(This is a patented technology and Shairzal Safety Engineering has the rights to incorporate this into their scrubbers)


The unit is free standing and only requires bolting to the wall, connection of the Oxygen cylinders and connection of the main local power. All hardware is provided with the exception of the Oxygen Cylinders.


900mm wide x 400mm deep x 1000mm high


The system is very simple to operate it requires opening up of two valves, switching the unit on via a simple on off switch and placing the chemicals in the tray.


The battery is a crush proof Fiberglass mat design with a battery life estimated at 4 Years dependent on mine temperature. The battery is of high quality and will hold its charge for 2 - 3 Months.


It is recommended that weekly checks of the system be performed to ensure proper function. The rebreather has a battery LCD display and this will provide instant inspection of the systems charged condition. The Oxygen cylinders must be also be checked for correct volume of contents.


To ensure the refuge chamber operates to its maximum efficiency it is important to ensure all gaps are sealed with gap sealer. The door seal has 100% contact and at least 1 ea non return valve be fitted. This will ensure positive pressure within the chamber.