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Mist Extraction

Supplier: Dimac Tooling

REVEN GmbH Sersheim Germany has developed the X-Zyklon system.

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Air Pollution, toxic substances originating from oil and other liquid substances are mechanically separated out of air stream with high efficiency.

The system works without additional energy (IE electricity, compressed substances) and does not need any additional aids( IE pollutant collection agents, sprays, etc.) It is designed for the separation of air pollutants in the form of; aerosol, mist and steam.

Separation Technology

  • Step 1 - Pre-separation through disturbance in chamber where the air forcefully gain velocity
  • Step 2 - Vortices created in chamber create a high speed cyclonic action causing the heavier particles to collide and adhere to the separator profile section. This action is effective on even the lightest particles
  • Step 3 - Post - Separation where separation occurs again due to expansion and loss of velocity. Further separation of the smallest particles is created due to accumulation and disturbances in the last chamber

Recojet - 1
The complete solution, plug in ready to operate. Eliminates the inherent problems of centrifugal systems such as noise, strong vibration and low separation efficiency.

Up to four filter stages

  • Dynamically balanced high performance blower
  • Flame barrier for fire protection & Built in sound attenuator
  • Light weight construction and compact design maintenance free X-Cyclon filter system
  • Proven separation efficiency
  • Dynamically & statically balanced filter unit
  • Optional Ventury Pipe attachment for high pressure vapour separation

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