Mitigating the Risk of Serving Unsafe Food

Supplier: Wave Industries
22 November, 2018

The fact that the NSW Food Authority has established a “Name and Shame Register” clearly shows how serious our State Governments are in ensuring food is prepared and served safely in Australia.

Any organisation that works under HACCP, needs diligently maintained and accurate temperature measurement and corrective action records.  Delivery, storage, cooking serving and sanitising temperatures and the corrective actions taken are absolutely critical to:

  • Ensure potentially hazardous foods are safe to eat especially for those organisations that have children,the frail and elderly under their care.
  • Demonstrating their due diligence and compliance to HACCP

The Risks of Manual Records
HACCP compliance requires as a minimum that you measure and record all your critical temperatures at least twice per day. So someone in the organisation has to go round to all the temperature displays twice per day and write down the readings and the time they were noted. Those temperature records then need to be transcribed to a file so that in the event of a later problem, the records can be extracted. The hand written records can easily become contaminated and potentially meaningless if someone forgets to note the readings at the correct time and then just writes down any figures later to avoid the repercussions of missing records. In some cases, auditors have even discovered records that have been prepared ahead of time to save the labour of having to go round and note them at the appointed time.

The Labour Cost of Maintaining Manual Records
Modelling shows that the current cost (2015) of creating the records is about $0.75 per record and since each measurement has to be manually made twice per day that works out at around $1.50 per day for each HACCP temperature manually recorded.
If 8 temperatures are diligently recorded that will work out at $4380 per annum.

The Cost of After Hours Problems
If a cool-room, refrigerator or freezer’s cooling system breaks down after hours, without some automated warning system to notify a responsible person promptly, it usually takes between 12 and 72 hours for the problem to be discovered. Inevitably, the entire stock of the cool-room refrigerator or freezer will need to be discarded. This often costs businesses tens of thousands of dollars in replacement stock. If the stock is insured making a claim will affect the insurance premiums paid by the owner of the stock.

The Solution:
The Hawk-Eye 800 provides the owner with complete temperature recording, monitoring and control capability. It can be tailored to monitor and control just about any continuous or batch process.
Not only does it display the live data on its multi-touch large colour screen, but it also will send scheduled reports and alarm emails to any number of recipients.
For a quick understanding of the Hawk-Eye 800’s remarkable capability see the 3 minute video

The Benefits:

  • An 8 probe system including the Hawk-Eye 800, will cost the end-user about $4000 to $5000. Labour cost reduction alone will pay for the system in around 1 year.
    Given that you could expect it to last for 10 years or more, the system has over 900% ROI.
  • With its internet capability and the Webserver provided by Wave Industries, you can access your data, make adjustments and receive alarms and daily reports from anywhere in the world using your phone, tablet or laptop.
  • The system sends meaningful emails and text messages to those who need to know when a temperature goes out of limits jeopardising your valuable stock of potentially hazardous foods.
    Web access including complete back-up of your data is provided free for the first 12 months to demonstrate the value of this service to you. After that the service can be continued for a small annual fee.
  • The system eliminates the human error factor.
  • It will produce reports and graphs on demand or on a schedule and send them to those who want that information.
  • It logs all your alarms and the corrective actions you took.
  • All your temperature records and corrective actions become PC based and can be shared across the organisation.

Australian Designed, Manufactured and Supported
The Hawk-Eye 800 is a high quality, rugged, Australian product and is fully developed, manufactured, serviced, installed and supported by Wave Industries Pty Ltd and its network of Approved Contractors and Resellers. It’s complete in its reporting yet very easy to use, even for a novice. We will also ensure your designated staff membera are fully trained in its use as part of the installation.
Email us and one of our experienced Application Engineers will call you to determine how we can assist you.