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Mixing systems are used in a large range of Aust industries

Supplier: Unit Process Consulting
24 April, 2008

The chemical industry users a substantial amount of fluid agitation and mixing systems.

As a result of the number of difficult and varied mixing applications problems encountered in the chemical industries the mixers vary both in size and complexity.

Whether your application is for the simple blending, solids suspension, heat transfer, gas dispersion, crystallisation, precipitation or high-pressure reactors, Unit Process Consulting has the track record, experience and equipment to select and supply a cost effective solution to each and every one of these applications. 

Unit Process Consultings' Top Entry, Side Entry and Static Mixers are used in many chemical plants for a wide variety of applications including:

- blending
- dissolving
- dispersion
- hydrogenation
- suspending solids
- polymerisation
- mass transfer
- heat transfer

The Ink and Paint industries, like many other industries, rely totally on mixing in the manufacture of their products.

Mixers have evolved as technology in this industry has evolved but not nearly at the same pace.

Through its involvement with this industry UPC has is able to combine its knowledge of the processes with that of mixing technology to bring some unique impeller and mixer designs to your factory.

Certain stages of production can benefit from considerable reductions in both operating and equipment costs by employing the services of Unit Process Consulting. 

Flexibility of design is imperative in this industry owing to the number of products, with varying rheology and characteristics, manufactured in each tank.

Combinations of impeller styles and variable speeds are common requirements for the many mixers found in these plants.

The pharmaceutical industry has very special requirements as far as the quality of finish and hygiene standards is concerned.

Unit Process Consulting has the quality of finish, hygiene standards and mixing technology to offer competitive designs and equipment.

Itsexperience ranges from simple blending and storage to ingredient dispersion and mixing, emulsifying and heat transfer.

Its mixers and stirrers are used in the production of;

- Wine
- Cream
- Milk
- Ice cream
- Beer
- Fruit juice
- Sauces
- Yoghurt

Along with a good understanding of the mixing duties required in food production the various components of a mixer have to be effective. None more so than the mechanical seal. Unit Process Consulting has, in conjunction with a well known seal manufacturer, designed a special aseptic seal that is crevice free and can be fitted to CIP systems.

Top, bottom or side entry mixers are used in the food and beverage industries and in certain cases static in-line mixers.